WWE Raw Thoughts: May 30, 2016


Source: WWE.com

Holy fucking shit. I don’t know what that show was. Are the writers that lazy and don’t care because it was Memorial Day in the US? Was WWE Creative just not caring because there were other high profile sports showdowns on? Whatever their excuse, these people should be fired.

I’m going to be brief in this review because I am still in disbelief close to 24 hours after watching this show. There was ONE thing that happened this show. ONE. FUCKING. THING. 3 hours and ONE fucking thing that mattered. Maybe one other mini-thing that helped the main focus of the show counts, too, but holy shit, this show was bad.

AJ Styles crashing Cena’s return was something I was hoping for and it happened. As soon as Gallows and Anderson showed up, you knew what was gonna happen to John Cena. I love the fury and passion Styles showed in his beat-down of Cena. They didn’t even need to start feuding with words.

You have one of the best wrestlers in the world for the past 10 years and he should want to prove that he’s better than one of the most popular faces of wrestling of the last 10 years. It’s an easy story to write and build and I hope the dumb-asses in WWE Creative don’t screw this one up or just allow Styles to be fed to Cena and buried.

That brings me to the other mini-hit with Gallows and Anderson getting involved in the tag-team match at the beginning of the show and laying out The New Day. I hope The Club beats their ass and isn’t succumbed to a few weeks of stupid comedy skits. Any time The New Day open their mouths, The Club should beat them down to show they mean business and are not there to be brunt-end of jokes.

As for the rest of the show: garbage. Throw away tag matches, no feuds building, no last Money in the Bank qualifying match, no IC belt story line, and no real story progression anywhere else.

The show starts with the McMahons hogging the spotlight and The New Day’s antics to lead where? To hype that Smackdown is moving to Tuesdays and broadcasting live again? To say that there will be a talent draft? We already knew that. WWE Creative wrote for The New Day to ask the McMahons questions only to have them say they didn’t know the answers or they hadn’t decided on things yet?!?!? WHY? Why would you waste TV time on that shit?

Natalya is in a match with Dana Brooke and is distracted yet again? Fuck this shit. Natty, you’re an idiot and should speak up for this stupid booking. How stupid can they make her character? Why would anyone be invested in her when we know all her opponents need to do to win is get someone to be at ringside and hop on the apron.  As well, it took Charlotte more tactics and a much longer time to beat Nattie in their matches and Brooke does it in less than three minutes? Holy SHIT!

The Roman Reigns/Rollins segment was a piece of shit. Who thought filling this much TV time with Rollins running to the ring and pretending to fake out Reigns after Reigns delivered another lifeless promo was a good idea? I bet WWE Creative calls this playing mind-games. I call it boring and a lack of any good ideas. I loved how some people tried to get a “boring” chant started but I think the crowd was so bored they couldn’t even buy into that!

Having Stephanie McMahon cut a promo backstage on Charlotte for berating her father, Ric Flair, a week ago makes absolutely no sense. McMahon is calling the kettle black and the writers are doing no one a favour with this. Stephanie was the one that slapped Flair two weeks prior, has told him off numerous times, and has humiliated him. Let’s not forget the McMahons banning him from ringside. So why would it makes sense that she’s now “holier than thou” except to be on TV to show that she’s the top female and above the other women? WWE Creative, shove this segment and most of the rest of the show up your collective asses.

I will say the wrestlers in the three on three match at the end worked hard, but it didn’t matter. The crowd didn’t seem happy and there was no purpose for the match. They could tell it was filler. If I was a person in attendance that paid, I’d be so pissed I wasted my money on this show.

You want people to be excited for a brand split? Then write good three hour Raw programs each week. Beside the ONE thing that mattered, this was the worst Raw of the year.