Nintendo Greatest Hits Vol. 1

For the last couple of years, my buddy(ies) and I like to relax outside on the deck or around a table, cracking a few frosties, and playing crib. Yep, cribbage. What an excellent game! What goes well with sun, brews, and crib? Why streaming a lot of classic 8-bit and 16-bit tunes from YouTube, of course!I was listening to The Batman NES game soundtrack (from Sunsoft), which features some of the best NES music ever, and in the recommended column beside what I was listening to was someone’s vinyl rip of this album. I had no idea that there was a vinyl release of classic Nintendo jams. I did some research and found out a few tidbits (a lot of it thanks to Discogs).

Released in 2015, by a label called Moonshake Records, the Nintendo Greatest Hits Vol. 1 album was available in a very limited number. 750 were pressed on a grey/red merge, 250 on transparent red with grey splatter, and 5 test pressings.


From what I’ve discovered, this label is a bootleg label and produces very small quantities of their releases. They released music from The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2, Castlevania and Pokemon.


Front of the album

Suffice to say, I was interested and found one on Ebay. Someone had a “make an offer” option open, so I decided to give it a shot and got it for $45. Not too bad considering people selling on Discogs have them for a lot higher.


Back of the album

One thing I don’t like upon getting the release is there isn’t any sleeve with a tracklisting and nothing to be found on the record itself. That leads you to the Internet to find out what’s on it. Wanna know what the jams are? Here you go:

*I’ve linked the YouTube vinyl rips. Click A or B to be taken right to the person’s page.

Side A

A1       Contra – Title Screen
A2       Contra – Level 1
A3       Batman – Level 1
A4       Bionic Commando – Level 1
A5       Blaster Master – Level 1
A6       Bubble Bobble – Level Theme
A7       Double Dragon – Title Screen
A8       DuckTales – Title Screen
A9       Mother – Pollyanna
A10     Final Fantasy – Prologue
A11     The Goonies 2 – Level 1
A12     Kid Icarus – Level 1

Side B

B1       Little Nemo – Level 1
B2       Punch Out! – Fight Theme
B3       Punch Out! – Training Theme
B4       Mr. Gimmick – Level 1
B5       T&C Surf Designs – Level Theme
B6       Tetris – Theme A
B7       Wizards & Warriors – Title Screen
B8       Adventure Island – Level 1
B9       Faxanadu – King’s Theme
B10     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Overworld Theme
B11     River City Ransom – Street Theme
B12     Crystalis – Mt. Sabre
B13     Rygar – Level 5
B14     The Empire Strikes Back – Imperial March

The gamer-geek in me and the NES music lover just couldn’t pass this up. I’m so pumped to crank this with the boys and play some crib. Then I’m sure we’ll continue the madness outside on the deck.

I wish these soundtracks to complete games would be released officially and with quality notes, mixing and mastering as I’m sure there would be a huge market for them. Until that happens, I’ll be on the lookout for other cool classic gaming releases like this.