Muskoka Brewery: Unfiltered Cream Ale

Thanks to my brother-in-law, he introduced me to tasty beverages by the Muskoka Brewery. I’ve enjoyed a few of their different beers, but I thought I’d feature this one first.


On their website, they describe it as the following:

“First brewed in1996, our flagship Muskoka Cream Ale has since become a signature beer of the Muskoka region. Unmistakable with its rich amber colour and inviting floral tones, this laid-back English pub-style ale is smooth and easy-going. With a Cascade hoppiness and fuller body of flavour, this gold-medal winning Canadian Cream Ale is the quintessential taste of cottage country. Raise a glass.”


I agree that this is smooth and do enjoy this cream ale. I find that there’s no unpleasant aftertaste and is best followed up by another one.

Served ice cold, this one will be a hit on your patio this summer! You can get it at the LCBO stores here in Ontario, Canada.