Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: The Goddess


This entry marks the end of the first year of the Masters of the Universe Classics. King Randor was the December figure, but Mattel surprised us all and released a second bonus figure for the year (the first being Zodak). When announced, I knew I was getting this figure as she never had a vintage figure and has a rightful place in the Masters of the Universe figure line.The Goddess’ first and only appearance was in the first comic that came with He-Man in the vintage line. In the comic, the “He-Man” is a savage who leaves his village and runs into her. From there, she gives the Savage He-Man (dubbed “Oolar”), his armour and some weapons. As an FYI for those of you that are unfamiliar, Oolar was released in 2015, so I’ll get to looking at him in figure form eventually (although I do have a quick pic below).


Source: “He-Man and the Power Sword” mini-comic from Mattel


“Come together…right now…”

The Goddess is basically a re-release of Teela, but molded in a translucent green plastic. If you’ve read my Teela retrospective, you’ll know what you’re getting with this figure. I’ve read on other forums that many people who purchased this figure had it snap at the leg joint due to a manufacturing error. I’ve had my figure fall from my shelf a few times and can say that (thankfully) I haven’t had any issues (thank Goddess, I mean, goodness).

The package is the same as the others. The bio, though, is really interesting and not just because we get a real name for The Goddess. It references the death of King Grayskull and goes on to reveal how there are different He-Mans (Men?) I found this bio to be one that really divided those who had enjoyed them up to this point. Different He-Mans/Men?!?! That’s like there’s saying there are different Supermen or Batmen. Adam is He-Man and the only He-Man and that will never change in my mind no matter what the bio says.

As mentioned before, if you had Teela or looked at the retrospective I did on that figure, you know what you’re getting. It’s the same figure with the differences in paint and molded in a  different plastic colour.

The same goes with the head sculpt: if you have, saw, or read about Teela, you know what you’re getting. I do like the green colour they used and how they matched each of the paint deco to blend in nicely – even with a metallic wash. The eyes of the snake armour have even changed to fit in with the colour scheme.


The weapons The Goddess came with are a spear as well as the shield that came with Teela. The other accessories she comes with aren’t for her. She comes with the axe, armour, and shield she gives to “Oolar”/He-Man in the comic. While the accessories are absolutely inline with the character and appropriate, when I got them I thought, “why would they include these when there is absolutely no use for them?” I mean, He-Man came with them so what the hell else would we do with them? I thought it was a waste and they could have put something else in the package. They just sit at The Goddess’ feet on my display shelf.

I know this “rewind” feature isn’t as robust as the others, but there’s not too much to say about this figure that I already said about Teela. I’m glad they released her and I’m happy that nothing has broken on my figure.


That wraps up Year One of the Masters of the Universe Classics line. I’m surprised that I got through it all so soon, but I’ve enjoyed taking photos of these figures and reminiscing about them, although they’re in constant view in my Man-Cave.

Is there a particular figure in Year One that you liked the most? Feel free to comment!! Here’s to Year Two retrospectives!