Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 1 -Sponsored by Mad Rush Media



Welcome to my first “New Music” feature where I show a bunch of music I have purchased. Some weeks I end up with a huge lot, just a few items, or absolutely nothing depending on what has been released that week, what I’ve pre-ordered, or what has been building in my stash from Mad Rush MediaThis week, I got a large order in from my buddy, Dave, who is the owner of Mad Rush Media and a sponsor of this site!

I will preface this by saying thanks to Dave from Mad Rush Media for the years of quality service and friendship. I’ve been lucky enough for him to also track down certain items for me or grab a few items here and there from other places that would help me with shipping to Canada (or because the place I wanted loot from won’t ship here). For that, I will always be grateful. Check out his Ebay page DAILY for the newest stuff. I always do and it pays off.

*A video of the unboxing with some unedited, blabbing thoughts is at the bottom of this article (or you can go to it NOW and read and view pics later). What I’ve posted here doesn’t follow how I unboxed the stuff in the video. As I’m writing this (and taking photos), I’m listening to these new acquisitions (or I have them in a different format/earlier edition) – so this isn’t a review of the music per-say.

**You’ll see a lot of releases from Century Media in this post!

Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes
(Season of Mist, 2012)

Why in the holy hell would I buy this? Well, being a collector, I tend to get even the most despised or lauded albums by a band just to complete the collection or to generate discussion during listening sessions (unless it is 100% complete shite).

While I was a fan of some tunes of the IDI album, some of the “songs” where complete Abominations (see the pun there, M.A. fans?). I grabbed this because I needed to hear how bad (or maybe good) some of these remixes were. I’m sure putting this on during times where the boys are over will get conversations going.  I may hear people dig some of these or I may hear “skip! skip! skip!” often. I’ll may share my thoughts on it later. I’d love to hear the love/hate from others from this Remix album or even the original album from anyone who’d like to share in the discussion section.

Gorguts – Pleiades’ Dust
(Season of Mist, 2016)

Expectations are high for this release following their “comeback” album, Coloured Sands (which I loved).  I’m anxious to hear it as well as all the reviews I’ve read have been so positive. I’m pumped to check this out and see if I’ll spend the extra to grab it on vinyl as well. EXCELLENT cover art!

Dawn – Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Fløgh
(Reissue – Century Media, 2014) /Necropolis, 1996)

This reissue series from Century Media exposed me to this band that had passed me by in my youth. I’m from Northern Ontario and it was hard to come across stuff like this without the Internet access like everyone has nowadays. Hell, I had dial-up in my grade 10 year and that was a luxury). My buds and I got exposed to the most extreme/obscure/amazing bands that didn’t come from our Much Music “Power 30/Power Hour” TV show by randomly buying $30 CDs based on the artwork or from reading the “thank-yous” in other bands’ albums and/or seeing the T-shirts they wore. This band totally passed me by. I bought Slaughtersun last year, so I finally grabbed this one. Can’t wait to hear this EP as I was floored by Slaughtersun.

King’s X – Live Love in London
(Inside Out Music/Century Media, 2010)

Boy, do I loves me some King’s X. As time has gone on, the more I’ve come to appreciate this band. I don’t have their whole discography yet, but I’m slowly getting there. I do have their first five releases and others, but buying music from them never disappoints and are like hidden gems. I hope many of you read this and go back and re-listen to them or discover them for the first time. I am so excited to watch this and won’t listen to the CDs until I watch the concert first. Unfortunately that won’t happen until my buddy, Dopey, comes over with some cold brews.

Pete International Airport -Self Titled
(Custom Made Music, 2010)

I love The Dandy Warhols, too! I have no idea how this release passed me by, but this album is by Peter Holström, who plays guitar in The Dandy Warhols. When I asked Dave from MRM to grab me the exclusive vinyl version of the new Dandy’s, I saw this in their web store and asked him to grab it for me, too. I listened to it while driving around during the times I was piecing all this stuff together and it’s OK…not Dandy Warhols good, but not too bad! Perfect for the summer!

Aborted – Retrogore: Limited Box Set
(Century Media, 2016)

This box set is limited to 5000 copies. I’m not sure there are 5000 extreme metal-heads out there that buy a band’s album, so I don’t know if it will be that hard to get.  That being said, I have no idea why you’d buy the regular release when this is available, as it comes in this cool box with a large flag, the CD in a digipak with bonus tracks, AND this is the only way to get the Terminal Redux release that they only had put out on vinyl back in January of this year. I’ve always enjoyed the releases throughout the years from this band and enjoyed the EP, so I’m excited to hear this.

Soulburn – The Suffocating Darkness
(Century Media, 2014)

This band was Asphyx when that group disbanded and went under a different name (this band)…but Asphyx did get back together under the name Asphyx and Soulburn was no more until this release. Got that? I think I got that right myself. I have their first release, Feeding on Angels from 1998, but I just didn’t get around to snagging this until now. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint!

Morgoth – Ungod
(Century Media, 2015)

Here’s another band that passed me by back in the day and during the past few years. Thanks again to Century Media vinyl re-releases, I went back and checked them out and picked them up. Now I’m catching up and enjoying their discography! So much to listen to and so little time! If you haven’t listened to this band, go for it! It’s such good classic Death Metal.  I can bet I won’t be disappointed by this one.

Amon Amarth – Jomsviking
(Mediabook edition – Metal Blade Records, 2016)

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t that big of a fan of their last album, Deceiver of the Gods. There wasn’t anything bad about it, but it just wasn’t memorable and nothing in my mind stood out. I still bit the bullet and got the media-book edition of their newest release that has two bonus tracks without sampling it (I tend to do that). This was written as a story/concept album, so this one will be great to sit back with a pint or two, read the lyrics and see if the story unfolds in my mind with an epic soundtrack.

Cemetary – Black Vanity & Sundown
(Black Mark Productions, 1994/1996)

This is a band that went through a transformation of old school Swedish death metal into a different beast itself. I have most of the albums before and after these, but with new releases and other things on my radar, I always forgot to track these down and experience them. Thanks for Mad Rush Media getting them, I was reminded that I didn’t have them. I always remember heavy metal author, Martin Popoff, raving about these and now it’s my turn to experience them. I checked out Black Vanity over the last two days and it was just OK. As I started Sundown, I found it to be a better album, but I’ll be giving Black Vanity another good listen).

Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts
(CD/DVD Mediabook edition – Peaceville Records, 2016)

Just like Cemetary, this band went from a doom/death metal band into something totally different. With each release, the band has built on their past successes in atmospheric bleak metal. I really enjoyed their last release, Dead End Kings, and ended up with the CD/DVD and two 10″ vinyl edition. This album came out like that, but with the Canadian dollar conversion and shipping it would run me almost $100, so that’s too pricey for me unless Peaceville wants to send me one to review (wink, wink!). I’ll enjoy this hopefully this weekend when I’m by myself and ready to just unwind to let it all soak in in 5.1 Surround Sound (courtesy of the DVD). Quick note: I don’t think anything will ever top their album Viva Emptiness.

Death – Scream Bloody Gore
(Reissue: Relapse Records, 2016/Combat, 1987)

I’ll end my recent lot of CDs with this release that also transitions into my recent vinyl acquisitions. This reissue of Death’s first album closes the Relapse reissue series they have done for Death. The CD I got is the 3 CD edition (just like all the other reissues I’ve picked up) that features the album remasters with over 2 CDs of unreleased demos and rehearsals. The liner notes are always great to read and the booklet features a ton of photos. I totally applaud Relapse for all the effort and money they have put into these. I’m sure Chuck would be proud.

The vinyl version I picked up just features the original album as I didn’t need the deluxe one for the demos or rehearsals. This vinyl is the bone white/deep purple merge version that was limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Gruesome –  Dimensions of Horror
(Relapse, 2016)

To piggyback on the Death release, this Death worship tribute from Matt Harvey of Exhumed fame is an EP to wet the fan’s appetite for more material. Their debut, Savage Land, was well received in the metal community for the throwback to old-school late 80s/early 90s death metal. This edition is the Milky Clear with Splatter edition, limited to 300 copies.

The Dandy Warhols – Distortland
(Dine Alone Records, 2016)

I mentioned already that I’m a fan of The Dandy Warhols. Their last album, This Machine, left me a little cold and there weren’t many songs that did anything for me on that one, whereas Earth to The Dandy Warhols and Odditorium where awesome (not front to backers, but close enough). This new album has some great songs on it (minus track 2), so it was an instant buy on vinyl. This is the limited “bootleg” edition from their website that Dave at MRM grabbed for me. Unfortunately, until I sent an email, this January pre-order hadn’t shipped and when it arrived, it was all banged up to shit. Not cool when buying any record but especially a “limited” piece. Mind you, it’s the music that matters, right?

In Flames – Subterranean
(Reissue: Century Media,2015/Wrong Again Records, 1995)

This record was a part of last year’s In Flames reissue campaign from Century Media. I picked up Reroute to Remain last year as I particularly fond of that album. This one went on sale, so I picked it up finally. This reissue is supposedly a limited edition, but I’m not sure what the production numbers are. I’m still gonna get around to picking up their earlier albums this year as well.

Megadeth – Killing is My Business…and Business is Good
(Reissue: Century Media 2015/Combat, 1985)

I have nothing more to say than I hadn’t picked up this classic yet, and Dave at MRM grabbed me one. This version is on transparent red and limited to 500 copies. I have to find a really good original copy as I want to have their cover of “These Boots” on vinyl that has been omitted from this release. Thank goodness I still have a first pressing of the CD on Combat Records.

Grave – You’ll Never See
(Reissue: Century Media, 2016/Century Media, 1992)

Here’s another classic that just got the re-release treatment this year from Century Media. Good old classic early 90s death metal from one of the best bands. This one is green and limited but I don’t know to how many copies.

Incantation XXIV
(Self Released, 2016)

What a treat this release is! On of the best death metal bands ever decided to do a celebration of their 25 years and release this album on their website. This release contains – They made 666 copies on white and 334 on black only. As a cool added bonus, they sent a new tune, three re-recorded tunes, and four live tracks – all exclusive to this release. It also comes with four picks in a pick card as a collector’s item. I’m gonna keep these mint because I think the graphics are awesome and it’s a neat idea. The only thing I wish this package had was a download card.

Pig Destroyer – Painter of Dead Girls
(Reissue: Robotic Empire, 2016/Robotic Empire, 2004)

While I’m not the biggest Pig Destroyer fan in the world, I have been snagging all their vinyl reissues from Relapse as they’ve been done very well (and sound amazing). When I caught wind that Robotic Empire was putting this out with some bonus tracks and it featured all the lyrics finally included, I took advantage of the cheap price and asked Dave to snag it for me. This is a purple/silver merge that is limited, but again, I’m not sure how many. I do know it’s sold out. I can’t wait to hear how this one turned out and the bonus tracks.

Celtic Frost – Monotheist
(Reissue: Century Media, 2016/Century Media, 2006)

When I first heard this album, I was floored. It was so heavy and evil and exemplified what a fucking awesome front-to-back heavy metal (insert whatever sub genre you want to call it here) album should be. I only scored the limited digipak back in the day as I didn’t have a record player, but when I saw Century Media was re-releasing this, I had to snag it. I grabbed two copies: one white vinyl (limited to 500 copies) and the picture disc version (limited to 500 copies as well).

I don’t usually buy a lot of picture discs and I don’t listen to them (I don’t like the extra noise from the records). I thought the art would be really cool on these and decided to ask Dave to order me it as well. I’m impressed with the quality of the art on the vinyl and I’ll be keeping this in my collection.

To end this huge focus on music and my hobby, I need to thank Dave at Mad Rush Media again for shipping items to me from his Ebay store AND helping me score some of the releases that he didn’t stock in his own store! Much, much appreciated! Everyone, buy your metal from him! And thanks to everyone for joining me on this look/unboxing of a whole shit load of Treats of the Week!

Let me know if you want to see more in the comments section and what your favourties are. Spread the love and share this article on social media as well!