Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Scareglow


When Scareglow got announced, I was pretty shocked. Here’s a figure whose vintage counterpart came in the latter part on the line. Why were we getting him so early when so many other figures could have been easier to throw together? I think it was because it was one of the Four Horsemen’s favourite figures and he wanted to get to him sooner than later. Let’s take a look back at this awesome figure!

Scareglow was released in NOVEMBER 16, 2009 and he lasted just over a day before selling out. Scareglow came in the usual packaging. His bio revealed his name was Karak Nul and put to rest the whole notion that he was the ghost of Skeletor, as many thought the vintage figure actually was. Karak Nul was a thief that broke into Castle Grayskull and paid the ultimate price for it until he was brought back by Skeletor.

The figure has the same articulation as the other figures so far in the line. He shares  Webstor’s feet/boots and is on the standard male buck. The difference is that he’s molded in a different kind of plastic and has unique paint details to accentuate his special feature, which I’ll get to in just a bit.

I will say that Scareglow’s cape rocks. It’s still probably my favourite cape they ever put on a figure. It’s pretty solid and doesn’t have any posability, but I just love with withered look at the bottom of it and how is slowly changes colour as it reaches the end.

With the cape being removable, Scareglow can almost prance around in all his nude, or uh, bony glory to scare anyone he pleases!

The head sculpt is f’n awesome. The crack in the skull, the depth of the eyes and how they took the care and the time to have black, red and yellow in them, the outlines of the teeth, and the overall evil look presented. Yeah, this was only year one but this figure holds up as still one of the best eight years later. I’ll up that with stating I NEVER had the vintage figure


Scareglow can glow in the dark just like the vintage figure and this was his main selling point back in the day. MOTUC wasn’t supposed to have action features, but how can you have ScareGLOW and not have him glow? Beats me.

I don’t know what kind of plastic or formula they used for him, but he glows really brightly. Even today as I prepare this article and take the pictures, it still glows just as bright and this is a figure that is almost eight years old!


The accessories for this figure kick so much ass! He comes with a scythe – almost like an homage to the Grim Reaper. The vintage one’s scythe….



Scareglow’s reliquary accessory (meaning it’s a container for a relic) is even cooler than his scythe. The sculpt on this thing is just so amazing due to the level of detail on the little Castle Grayskull.The part that’s chained and connects this reliquary to his wrist is actually a metal chain. Bonus points for going above and beyond!

Opening up the reliquary is a small key that (at the time) was supposed to open a secret door to Castle Grayskull. When they finally got the MOTUC Castle Grayskull out, they actually included that secret entrance WITH the keyhole that this key fits in (you’ll see when I get to my article and pictures of the Castle).



I was pumped when I got this figure in the mail and as I’ve taken the pictures for this feature and say reminiscing about it, I’ll say right now that if I was ever to make a top 10 list of my favourite MOTUC figures, this character would be in it – and probably in the top five. I guess we’ll see when I’m done.