WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review


Source: wwe.com

On paper, most of WWE’s Extreme Rules looked pretty good. I had my predictions in and I correct in the outcomes in all of them (except putting my foot down for the fatal four-way match). How in the hell did that happen? WWE’s predictable booking. Here are my thoughts on the event.
*(Note: posted on Tuesday evening but written before Monday’s Raw)

Dolph Zigger vs. Baron Corbin (No DQ) – Kickoff Show

It was another match from these two and that’s it. Nothing huge to write about. I feel bad this is where Ziggler is landing – on a preshow trying to build new talent – when there is so much he could bring the the main event picture, or even the feud for the IC title. I hope Ziggler doesn’t pull a Cody Rhodes or Wade Barrett and say adios to WWE. Where do each of these guys go next? We’ll probably find out on Raw heading to the Money in the Bank PPV. Winner: Corbin.

The Usos vs. The Club

This match was announced before my predictions, but I would have predicted for The Club to win this as they needed it. The match was pretty good, but I still think The Club needed to be put over as kick-ass powerhouses from the start with no one getting pinned or getting the best of them.  I hate JBL on commentary, but I’m so happy he said one of the best things in a long time, where he said something along the lines of us not seeing even the tip of the iceberg from The Club and what they could do. I agree and let’s see where this group goes. Winners: The Club.

Kalisto (Champ) vs. Rusev

This was another TV style match, but I liked the aggression at the end that made Kalisto tap, using the attack that happened on Smackdown as the catalyst. I was glad to see Rusev come out strong and the champ, but my only question is how long he holds the belt. Will Rusev be just a transitional champion until Cena comes back? This is WWE, so probably. Winner: Rusev.

The New Day (Champs) vs. The Vaudevillains

WWE Creative can fuck off right here. So, the Vaudevillains are a part of the “new era” they’re promoting. They won a prestigious tournament to be #1 contenders. They were in The New Day’s faces pretty well before the PPV and they FUCKING LOSE in just over six minutes clean? For fuckssakes. Way to build up a new team or division. Thank goodness my buds were over and we moved on from this horseshit fast before I put my foot through my TV. Awful shit that should have been saved for some throw away match for Raw. Winners: The New Day.

Fatal Four-Way for the Intercontinental Championship (The Miz – Champ vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn)

All I have to do is say “brav” and give my props to all these men. This was one of the best WWE matches of the year. Everyone gave their all and the timing, pacing and spots were well thought out and delivered. The two quick attacks from Zayn and Cesaro were a fantastic way to kick off (get the pun?) the match. Am I upset that The Miz won? Hell no. I’m a Miz supporter because that guy works(ed) his ass off and has helped this whole program. You WANT to dislike and boo him and that’s what a good character should do on this show. I see Cesaro and The Miz running into a singles program where Cesaro will prove himself in a singles match to finally capture the IC belt.  I think Owens and Zayn will move on to another best-of series and enter themselves into the Money in the Bank match at the next PPV. Winner: The Miz

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho (Asylum Match)

I’ll start off by saying that I do truly appreciate the effort the two men made for this match. Unfortunately the match didn’t deliver and wasn’t very entertaining. I mean, how do you pull down a barb wired bat and barely use it in the match? Why would you use anything else? The thumbtack spot at the end was painful to watch (literally as I couldn’t imagine feeling that), but besides that big spot, there wasn’t too much to remember. The right person won, though. Winner: Dean Ambrose

Charlotte (Champ) vs. Natalya for the WWE Women’s Championship

I stated in my prediction piece that this feud really wasn’t about the championship or Nattie and this match confirmed it. The match was OK, but nothing above a standard Monday night match. The ending sealed Nattie’s fate when Dana Brooke appeared in some of Ric Flair’s clothing and it made look Natalya look stupid for falling for it. They didn’t need to go this route, but what do you expect from WWE Creative? Winner: Charlotte

Roman Reigns (Champ) vs. AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I’ll give it to AJ for keeping this match exciting and really pushing Reigns to do better in the ring. We all knew there would be outside interference and that wasn’t surprising, but what was surprising was the crazy amount of finishers /devastating moves that Reigns kicked out of. It actually made me really angry as there should be no way Reigns could survive all of the finishers/moves and chair shots gave him. This is not how to build up your “top guy” in front of an audience that boos the shit out of him.

Why on Earth would I want to watch another match with Reigns when you know they’re going to have him continue to kick out of everything, “Super Cena” style. I dislike Cena for that garbage and that’s also why I wasn’t a Hulk Hogan fan as a child – it’s just idiotic. WWE Creative needs to stop this crap. Winner: Roman Reigns

The crowd didn’t seem too happy with the ending either, but thankfully Seth Rollins came back to huge ovations to attack Reigns before the PPV went off the air. Reigns stayed down, but I’m afraid if someone would have counted to three loud enough, he would have gotten up and destroyed Rollins. HAHAH…I’m too funny.

The main question for me doesn’t involve Rollins or Reigns, but what does WWE do with AJ Styles now as he’s lost two championship matches? Did WWE just bring him in to make Reigns look decent in the ring and lose? We’ll see in the next few weeks.