Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Zodak


“Say ‘what’ again!”

Zodac again? Nah! I already looked at Zodac here, but this guy is Zodak with a “K.” What’s the deal with this guy? He’s a character that was in the 200X MYP Masters of the Universe cartoon (that had a more anime look) and is now a different entity than “Zodac.” Confused?


I didn’t watch the 200X MYP MOTU cartoons when they first aired, as I could never catch them. It wasn’t until they were released on DVD and this figure came out that I found out more about this particular cosmic enforcer.

Zodak came out in October, 2008 (the same month as Teela) and was a bonus figure for the month. He was available for almost two weeks but eventually did sell out. I can see people sitting on the fence on this figure as he is mostly a repaint. He did blend a variety of other figures’ pieces and came with a really cool feature, so let’s break down the figure!

The figure came in the usual packaging featuring a bio as the other figures that had been released. The bio is important because it gives the much needed backstory as to how Zodak fits into the Masters of the Universe world. It mentions his real name is Kar-Tor and how he was actually trained by the original Zodac! He helps trap King Kssss in the Void, but this must have been before the 2nd Ultimate Battleground fight, if I’m guessing correctly.

I think it’s neat that they kept Zodac and Zodak two different characters and incorporated them both into the Masters lore.

The figure has the same body/buck as the other male figures, but where Zodac had the fury Beast Man body, Zodak has He-Man torso. This all means that Zodac has the same arm, leg, head, and body articulation as the other figures. The parts Zodak shares are He-Ro’s crotch-piece and boots. He also gets the gloves that were on Hordak, but in a different colour.

While Zodak’s head sculpt and armour are the same Zodac’s the differences are in the colours.


Zodak’s accessory is his staff. The ends of the staff are pretty cool because they are sculpted like Zodac’s gun.



The cool extra with Zodak is his glow-in-the-dark paint! The tribal-style paint/tattoos on his shoulders and arms glow and mine does, but not bright enough for me to capture it on my camera. When he first came out, I think it was stronger. I got a picture from to give you an idea.

Way later in the line, an alternate head for Zodak was released – one with no helmet on. Coming with another Cosmic Enforcer, Strobo, we finally had the head to put on Zodak that many people wanted in the first place. I think this captures the 200X MYP cartoon perfectly. The tribal tattoo doesn’t glow in the dark like the those on his arms.

In a later weapons pack ,we also got Zodac’s gun in black, so I’ve put a few pictures up with this gun in various parts of this write-up.

I mentioned before that I really like that the diversity added by Zodak in the line and how they kept Zodac/Zodak two different characters (although they never appeared together in any media that I’m aware of). As a figure that was basically a repaint with shared parts, he was a welcome addition to the line. Besides, wasn’t Fakor just a He-Man with different colours? Don’t all Masters figures share quite a bit with each other? Point made.


While I had no connection to the figure before I got him, I enjoyed posing him alongside Zodac. I look at them as the partying Blues Brothers of the Masters’ Universe. Hell, considering how much beer Zodac has had with my buddy when he’s over, I’m sure Zodak would surely knock a couple back himself (see the last paragraph of my Zodac retrospective to understand).


The band is getting back together!