Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Teela


The first female figure in the Masters of the Universe Classics line was Teela. She was released in October 15th of 2008 and lasted about four days on the before she sold out. Although she was available almost a week, she has become one of the most expensive figures on the after-market to get. Why is this version of Teela so coveted by collectors? Let’s take a look at how the Four Horsemen incorporated her into the line.

In the Filmation cartoon in the 80s, Teela was a strong female character that held her own. She was also involved in some story lines that dealt with some heavy issues (or lessons learned), which is why I think so many people (male and female) identified with the character. As more people collected the MOTUC line, they knew they needed a Teela to complete the core characters. I can’t even remember is this figure was given a second run like a few of the figures were and that’s why she commands a high price on the aftermarket.

Teela came in the usual packaging that we were used to. On her bio, we see many different cannon tie-ins again: her being the adopted daughter of Man-At-Arms (Duncan), being Captain of the Guard, the Staff of Ka and how it’s linked to the Snake-Men, plus her relation to The Sorceress.

For Teela, they had to create the new female body/buck to use in the line. Teela has most of the articulation that the mail have, but one of the most glaring omissions was the abdominal articulation. You can twist her right and left at the waist, but no ab-crunch option is available. I can’t remember why they designed the female buck like this. I think it was because they wanted to keep the aesthetics a certain way.

The outfit is a really good update of the classic figure. Like most of the figures they made in the line, the design IS very similar to the vintage figure with a little more modern sculpting. The armour on the chest, the decals on her lower half, and the golden paint application on the details show that a lot of care went into the design of Teela’s updated, yet classic, look. The paint pops and I love the gold. The fur on her boots are a great touch as well.

Teela’s head sculpt is spot on. I love the updated look so much. She’s got beauty, but also a “means business” aspect to her sculpt. The eyes pop and back in the day, we didn’t need to worry about the derpy eyes we’re getting on the figures now.

The two heads that come with the figure have the snake armour on and off – it’s not a separate piece like the vintage figure, so you can have a head with her hair pulled back and a head with the head armour on. I’m so happy the Four Horesemen and Mattel made the decision to spend the extra money to give us these display options.

The accessories she comes with are: the Staff of Ka, her shield, and a sword. The Staff of Ka and her shield are updated to match what the vintage figure came with. The shield comes in a similar colour to her vintage figure, but the staff is in a golden colour, which differs from what she had. The sword isn’t a replica of what she used in the Filmation cartoon, but more of a nod to the 200X MYP cartoon. Once again, I applaud this choice as it really blends the look and the accessories to all different Masters of the Universe sources.


Another excellent addition to this figure is the inclusion of the heroic bird, Zoar, who is also the Sorceress’ bird form. Back in the day in the vintage line, Zoar was HUGE compared to the other figures. For this release, Zoar is scaled down. I’m not sure why the decision was made to have Zoar (and later Screeetch) made smaller as MOTUC was trying to stay true to the vintage line. I really didn’t care either way. I was just happy that we got Zoar! in the pictures, I have Zoar posed with a stand/perch and some bird armour, but those were included in a weapons pack a bit later in the line.


I’m happy I snagged an extra Teela to display with the extra head (like I do when a 2nd head is included) because I was really impressed with Teela when I first got her and still am.  I think all fan’s eyes are on the Club Grayskul line now to see if another Teela figure is coming for 2017. I think that it’s a given considering we’re getting an Evil-Lyn this year and how badly they screwed up the Teela that came with the Point Dread and Talon Fighter set at the end of 2015…but that’s for another article.