Masters of the Universe Classics – Collector’s Choice Vultak Review

The second figure in the new MOTUC Collector’s Choice line arrived this week. The Collector’s Choice line is an expansion of the MOTUC line, but with all new, fan demanded figures of characters never before put into plastic. This figure was supposed to be out and in people’s hands in March. For some reason he was delayed and didn’t ship out until the end of April. Add my awful International Shipping wait time from the slowest company in the world, Digital River/Mail on the Move and you have a very long wait for a figure.

Vultak is a character that showed up in the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon in the 80s (by Filmation, of course). He appeared in two episodes and was a member of the Evil Horde. The funny thing is we never had an action figure of this guy! That’s why he’s a perfect fit for the Collector’s Choice series, as he’s been demanded for many years and the Horde could always have more members!

On the cartoon, Vultak was know as the keeper of Hordak’s “zoo” and a capture of species for it – hence the “Evil Zookeeper” on the box (sounds kinda cheesy, doesn’t it?)

Source: She-Ra (Filmation)/

The packaging for this line is similar to the Masters of the Universe Classics line that I’ve been doing my retrospect articles on. Just like the first entry in the Collector’s Choice line (that I haven’t done a look at yet), Lord Masque, there are two differences in the packaging of this more focused line. First off, there’s a small burst on the side that says, “Collector’s Choice.” The second difference is Mattel decided that there would be no more bios for these figures. I know a lot of people wished they were still on the card and I’m in that boat.

I’m going to comment on the main issue people have had with this figure since receiving it (and other Masters figures in the last few months): quality control. I am happy to say both my Vultaks (just like my Club Grayskull Trap Jaw figures) don’t suffer from wonky/derpy eyes as badly as others. The pupils on some people’s figures have been so awful and I feel for people who pay a lot of money for these things only to find that their figure is ruined by poor paint apps on the eyes or elsewhere. Are my two figures perfect? No, but the location of the pupils is not enough to make me too upset with what I received.

The head sculpt is pretty accurate to the cartoon while still keeping that MOTUC upgrade. The size of the eyes, the rectangular jawline, the larger nose, and the ears are big hits and capture the essence of the character.

The figure is on the standard Masters of the Universe body/buck, so it has all the similar articulation as the figures I’ve already done reviews on. The only difference is the ankles are on the newer joint that feature the ability to swivel left and right for more dynamic posing. I don’t think they come off too badly with these new feet that they’ve sculpted for Vultak.

His armour is new with the wings being the ones that we’ve seen on Angelica (her retrospect is coming later as I plow through the MOTUC line). The weird thing is that they really cut the armour up really high above his abs. I’ve seen pics and vids online that when you remove the armour, he’s painted black from the mid torso down. Speaking of the armour, I find it to be very bulky on the sides. You can also notice some paint slop on the bottom of the Horde emblem on my figure.

The accessories Vultak come with are really well thought out. First, he comes with a little leash/trap that he used to capture creatures like Kowl. Kowl isn’t included but I’m sure many fans have one of the versions of him to be able to lock up!

The second accessory is a good ol’ Horde crossbow, now imagined if a vintage Vultak would have came with one. The design fits the figure’s traits perfectly as the crossbow has a winged design. It’s not very evil looking, but you know this man/bird means business! The paint on it is a vibrant red with a silver wash in some sections. I like that it’s just not a plain, unpainted crossbow.

This figure took its sweet-assed time to get to me and now we have heard Darius (the new figure in the MOTUC CC line) has been delayed until the end of May. Sometimes it’s better to wait a bit longer for something really good and I think I appreciate this figure a lot more now that I had to wait for him (slightly off eyes and all). When he was announced I thought he was a good choice for a figure. In hand, I can say it was really awesome decision. Vultak is now sold out and you’ll have to scower the Net to grab yourself one.