WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions


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It’s time for another PPV! This time around it’s Extreme Rules, which has only really been extreme in title only for the last little while. Could we get a little bit of extra violence and/or blood this Sunday? How but some new champions? Here are my predictions, although I logically think about who SHOULD win and what would help the talents overall and those are who I pick. WWE Creative seems to defy logic and I’ll mention that numerous times below.

Note: the order of predictions does not indicate how the order of how they will take place on the card.


Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler (No DQ match) – Kickoff Show Match

Is there any reason for these two to still be feuding? Has anything happened during their past matches that has created the urgency to make this no DQ? Have these two even been on the last two Raw programs? The answer to all of these (from what I remember) is no. These two are fighting on the Kickoff show once again which shows that WWE is not making this feud or match an importance. Logic states that Corbin should win to build momentum. WWE Creative seems to fail in logic. I’m picking who I think should win, but I’m not expecting much from this one – just a regular match with a label for no reason. Winner: Baron Corbin


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Kalisto vs. Rusev

Speaking of WWE Creative and their lack of logic again and not building any character momentum, Rusev should have been built to be a huge contender for this, just like he was built as a monster when he first had this title. I’m thinking that Rusev will pick up the win so Kalisto can go back to tag-team land. Winner: Rusev.


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The New Day (Champs) vs. The Vaudevillains (for the WWE Tag-Team Championship)

I think it’s time The New Day loses their belts. They’ve barely defended and although I’m not a fan of The Vaudevillians, this would help cement them as a viable commodity on the main roster. I can see them cheating to pull off the win in this match so the feud continues for at least one more PPV cycle, but seeing how WWE just wants to push merchandise for the bottom line, I’ll predict the “funny boys” of Raw retain. Winners: The New Day


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Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho (Asylum Match)

The announcement of this new match (in WWE anyway) took me and many by surprise. For WWE, this will feel fresh, but two things have to happen: there needs to be an extreme amount of violence and anger show (and hopefully blood) AND both men have to sell. They need to tear each other down so bad that the crowd is on the edge of their feet and feel the pain these two are in. If not, it’ll just be another gimmick match with no payoff at the end. I think that Jericho is getting ready to go on another hiatus as there’s no one really left right now to put him in a new singles feud with and Ambrose needs a big win to propel him to the next storyline. Winner: Dean Ambrose


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The Miz (Champion) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

I think these four know that all eye will be on them to deliver the match of the night. I’m actually quite surprised that this isn’t another ladder match, but these four men can wrestle and don’t need a ladder to create suspenseful moments or excellent wrestling spots. I’m really not sure who to pick 100% as a winner as:

  • The Miz deserves the title for being amazing in his role lately and helping elevate the newer talent.
  • Cesaro deserves it because he’s just an excellent wrestling machine and the title will build him up even more in the eyes of the crowd.
  • Sami Zayn shows heart and dedication, so putting the title on him would create great stories and he’d be a great defending champion (although the only minus is he’s the newest out of all the people in this match and it’s probably not his time yet).
  • Kevin Owens has been one of the best people/heels on WWE Television in the last few months (maybe even a year). He has the crowd in his hand so people will watch him to run his mouth and will want someone to beat him for the belt.

All of these reasons make it hard for me to see who WWE will pull the trigger with, but I think Cesaro will win it. It’s his time and WWE needs a good guy with the belt for a bit. Owens and Zayn will continue their feud and shot for being #1 contender, while The Miz can easily go onto another program. Winner: Cesaro


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Charlotte (Champion) vs. Natayla for the WWE Womens’ Championship

This story has not been about Natayla and her quest to take down Charlotte. It’s been about Charlotte and her father, Ric Flair. It has been about the McMahons getting involved with Ric Flair. Therefore, I’m not invested in the match. Charlotte will prove she can win without her father so she can use that in future promos and have a new challenger (Banks? Lynch? Bailey?) step up. I still think Ric comes out at the end after the bell rings and something will ensue. Winner: Charlotte


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Roman Reigns (Champion) vs. AJ Styles (Extreme Rules) for the WWE Heavyweight Championship

“Extreme Rules” means anything goes, but does that mean someone could still be disqualified for outside interference? I suppose it doesn’t matter as you know The Club (Anderson and Gallows) and the Usos will get involved during the match. I’d love, and I’ll state it again: I’D LOVE to see Styles leave as WWE Champ. Unfortunately, no matter how badly the crowd is booing Reigns and no matter how low the ratings go, Vince will not a) be proved wrong or b) give the WWE Championship to someone that was not WWE “born” – at least not this early in his tenure.

Reigns has had the best of all three men way before the last PPV, so what will change now? Will we see Regins become even more of a “Super Cena”/”Hulk” character by getting the pin after being hit with everything except the kitchen sink? I think so and it sucks. Anyway, I think Reigns wins and something happens with AJ Styles and The Club that put them in a different story line scenario while Reigns moves on to a new challenger. Winner: Reigns (and I hope I’m wrong).

We know Cena is coming back soon, but not in what capacity. Could he appear? How about Big Show? Randy Orton? Bray Wyatt or even Seth Rollins? As funny as this is touted as the “new era,” and that anything can happen in WWE, most of the times, it doesn’t.