Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Webstor


Every time I look back on these figures for these features, not only do I recall my excitement for the reveals in Toyfare magazine and online, but I reflect again on how a specific vintage figure impacted me as a child and how much I played with it back in the day. Webstor is one figure that was always with Skeletor and whatever band of characters I put together for him to order around (like Mer-Man and Tri-Clops).

It’s not new news for most of you reading these reflections that one of the cool things about the vintage Masters of the Universe line is that most of the figures came with some kind of action figure or gimmick. Webstor action feature was awesome! The grappling hook he came with had a pulley system that would allow him to ascend up walls or, like in the vintage commercial, Castle Grayskull. With that kind of action feature, how could you not constantly play with that figure?

For the Masters of the Universe Classics line, we didn’t get the action features, but you damn well could bet the sculpt and the features would totally be a throwback to the original figure with more updated aesthetics. Webstor didn’t disappoint.

Webstor went on sale on on September 15th and he was available for almost a week before he sold out. The packaging is the usual but it’s neat to note that Webstor was packed without his armour on because it was so bulky. You’ll see why below.

The bio for this figure reveals Webstor’s real name and how his people were driven off by the Snake Men. The most interesting part of the bio is how it states that Webstor occasionally aligns himself with Skeletor. It makes it seem like he’s not part of the crew, but like a gun-for-hire kinda guy.

The body is the same we’ve been used to at this point with the same articulation. The armour is removable, as you could tell with him not being packed with it on. The reason it’s so bulky is because it has a spot for his grappling hook and the four arachnid legs attached  on either side by ball joints.  It’s a great blend of classic and the 200X design (not to mention the awesome statue made by NECA).

I really like Webstor’s head sculpt and think the Four Horsemen nailed it. Just like the armour featuring the arachnid legs, it’s also a great blend of the classic vintage figure and the 200X cartoon/NECA statue.


In the picture below, you can see that the string holding the grappling hook can easily maneuver through the extended part of his armour. While there is no pulley-system, I think it was smart for them to do the rope and grappling hook in this manner as it gave the “action feature” without the “action feature,” if you catch my drift.


For his accessories, Webstor has his grappling hook that would allow him climb, if he had the pulley system like the vintage toy. I don’t know if the grappling hook was warped when I got it, but when it’s in his hand, it’s not that noticeable. His gun also replicates what the vintage one looked like with some extra golden paint applications to add some extra finesse. It’s got the two handles that can provide some dual wielding posing.


I was really happy when Webstor arrived and he is a figure that has been frequently reposed on my shelf during the years (by me and my brother-in-law seems to dig him, too).

I was disappointed a bit that this figure didn’t have the pulley system in the backpack like the vintage one, although I was not surprised when they announced that they were sticking to the no action feature rule. Webstor is the perfect blend of vintage and modern and still remains another favourite of mine to this day.