Mint In Box: Jason Voorhees 2.0 – NES Style by NECA

For my second feature on this Friday the 13th, I’m going to take a look at another Jason Voorhees figure from NECA. This one is based on the Friday the 13th game on the NES (the Nintendo system from the 80s) and his look (or colour palate, I should say) in that game.To preface a bit, NECA began their Classic Video Game Appearance series with this figure in 2013 and it was a SDCC exclusive. From there, NECA has continued on taking some of their great action figures from various IPs and releasing them into their classic video game colours (if they had a classic video game) with awesome retro packaging to boot! A great visual guide of all the NECA video game releases up until the end of 2015 can be found HERE if you want to see some of the amazing releases.

This figure is a “2.0” version because it is the second release. Like I said, the first release was only available at SDCC in 2013 (with some stock online). It featured glow-in-the-dark hands, shoes and mask.  It sold out quickly but was a big hit with the fans, so much that NECA went full force with the line. Below are pics of the first glow-in-the-dark release.

NECA is a company that really is dedicated to their fans and really listens to feedback. Many wanted this figure who didn’t grab it initially, so they updated the 2.0 figure with some new paint, a different hockey mask, a bonus accessory, and special feature to keep the original release unique and collectible as well as giving collectors another reason to pick up this release – which is why this newer 2.0 version does NOT glow in the dark.

Just before I get to the figure, if you are unfamiliar with the NES game, it was released in 1989 by LJN (a gaming company notorious for releasing awful games – hell, ask the Angry Video Game Nerd). You were in control of camp counselors who were trying to save campers (and other counselors) at Camp Crystal Lake from the maniacal Jason Voorhees. The game was frustrating because the map system was so broken, you never knew where you were going. You’d think you were going one way, but you were really going another.

I remember playing this and I had no f’n clue what the hell to do, and I was someone who was REALLY good at games! So, not to bog down this review of a figure with a whole shit load on the game itself, here’s a video of someone playing through it in less than 20 min. Crack a beer and enjoy!

Back to the figure. NES Jason 2.0 was released near the end of 2015 and cost me about $35 Canadian (PLUS fun taxes, of courese). The packaging is the similar type in design as the Ultimate Freddy and Ultimate Jason figures I’ve already taken a look at.

The box art on the front mimics the classic NES game box (you can compare with the picture near the top of the article). I love that NECA put its company’s logo in the gold burst at the bottom right of the package that was usually the “Nintendo Seal of Approval.”

The back of the box has has a synopsis that was used for the actual NES game! I love homages like that. In addition, it has a few pictures of what is featured in the box with a small caption for each picture.

Opening the box (with the flap being held by a small piece of Velcro),  you can see the figure and the accessories clearly on the the right in a window box. On the left you see the screen from the NES that you got if Jason won and killed everyone.

These packages are great because of you want to take the figure out to display and pose, you can without damaging the package and it would be easy to pop the figure back in.

Another homage to the NES game is seen above Jason: a health bar, the number of children left at Camp Crystal Lake, the counselor you are using, and the item you have in your hand that you’d be using in the game. Little touches like this show a company’s dedication not only to the movie and game properties, but also to delivering a quality product that goes above and beyond expectations.


Gotta love the 8-bit throwback!

The figure has 25 points of articulation and shares the same body as the first release, which is also a reuse of one of NECA’s previous Jason releases (they’ve done so many that I’m not sure which one it is).

The paint is a little brighter and the jacket and shoes have some highlight touches. The mask is a little larger than the one that came with the first version. It is also white and not the translucent like the glow-in-the-dark mask was.

Speaking of the mask, it is removable and you can display Jason in his hideous glory. I won’t spoil it for anyone doesn’t want to see it by posting a pic from another site, but you can easily find it if you want to check it out.

In the background, you can see that they’ve used the cabin artwork from the game.

The accessories Jason comes with are: his trusty machete, an axe, and the awesome part: the floating Pamela Voorhees head from the game (that always looked like Medusa to me). This isn’t an exact copy of that head. I NECA enlarged a Pamela head from a different release (A Friday the 13th Part 2 30th anniversary box set) and placed it in this box with a different deco.

The last thing to comment on about this 2.o release is the addition of a music feature! When you open the box, in a well lit room, you are serenaded with the retro 8-bit music of the game. Hearing the music over and over during the game is enough to drive some people nuts, but in this small dose it’s a really cool bonus to have with this figure! Under the picture of the speaker that’s located on the bottom right on the back of the box, you can hear the tune. It’s linked to my Instagram account (so follow!!!!)


No…you can’t sync your phone to this. 😉


Just like I said in my Ultimate Jason and Ultimate Freddy reviews, I wish I had enough money to be able to have one just to keep pristine in the box and one to pose, but alas, I don’t have the resources or room in my house. I think he’s a cool figure to have because it’s a complete package rather than just a boring repaint or half-assed gimmick.

I’ll be looking at another NECA Classic Video Game Appearance figure (Freddy) and another Ultimate series figure (Leatherface) in the next week or so, so please join me for more Mint In Box features!