Quick Look: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Screen Grabs by Mezco


Today, as I’m getting ready for something Friday the 13th themed for tomorrow (hint – it’s probably pretty obvious), I thought I’d do a quick look a collectible I have.

Mezco entered the horror figure collectible market in the mid 2000s with their Cinema of Fear line. The majority of the figures were mostly of Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, or Jason Voorhees, as well as a few characters that appeared in the movies from those villains. They were 6″in scale and they did a few 12″ figures as well.

While I was paying off loans, going to school, studying, and working a shitty retail job, I was using my extra spending money either for beer, the odd video game, heavy metal CDs and the odd action figure here and there. I was being very specific and somewhat careful with what I collected even if I passed up some really cool stuff. Alas, I don’t have ANY of Mezco’s Cinema of Fear figures.

What I DO have, thanks to my awesome sister, is this little diorama piece from their small Screen Grabs sub-line that fell under the Cinema of Fear umbrella. It featured scenes straight out of the Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchises.

While I have many things still in the package/box, I don’t have my one and only Screen Grabs item in it as the box became way too damaged. I snagged a picture of what the boxes of Series 1 looked like and beside it are the scenes featured in Series 2 (which where incorporated more in the same packaging as the action figures, from what I remember, and not a box like Series 1).

My diorama/Screen Grab piece comes from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (one of my favourite films in the franchise). It’s from earlier on in the film where Kristen is dreaming and is surprised by a worm/snake-like Freddy that tries to swallow her before calling Nancy into her dream for help. From there, Nancy knows exactly what/who she is dealing with. I’ve added the scene below if you never have seen the movie (and if so, shame on you!)

I like the textures on the walls and the snake-Freddy but I don’t feel the sculptors really got the likeness of Kristen (played by Patricia Arquette) at all. Perhaps with this line they just wanted to get the feel of the actual scene and didn’t have the license for the actor’s likenesses. If that’s the case, I’ll cut them some slack.


The same goes with the snake-Freddy head – there doesn’t seem to be a likeness to Robert Englund at all. I think the proportions are off as well, as this snake-Freddy needed to be a bit large in scale (and thicker), as Kristen’s lower proportions really seem off going into his/its mouth.


Another pic for comparison. Source: New Line Cinema


I think these things retailed for $15-20 Canadian when they were released. Many people have them available on Ebay now for $20-30 US so if you wanted them, they aren’t too hard to come by. For a horror fan and especially fans of the movies these dioramas captured, they’re cool little collectibles. If you don’t mind the likenesses of the actors to not be exact, you’ll enjoy them for the collectible that they are. I have mine sitting near my Mint In Box NECA horror figures in the ol’man cave. After reflecting on this piece and taking the pictures, I may go back and grab the other ones and put them all on a shelf.


One last pic of the snake/worm-Freddy to keep you up at night. Source: New Line Cinema