WWE Raw Thoughts: May 9, 2016


Source: wwe.com

I wasn’t expecting much going into Raw this week. Last week was an abomination of a show and I had the feeling we’d just be coasting this week and next leading to the Extreme Rules PPV. I wasn’t wrong, but there were a few bright moments.

I have to say that I almost changed the channel and let my PVR do the entire work as soon as I saw that there would be another three on three match between Reigns & the Usos vs. AJ Styles, Anderson and Gallows (now being referred to as “The Club”). Add in another Raw starting off with a talk segment with Y2J with a destroyed plant being the focus of the promo and I was already done as the show started.

Sticking with the show, while complaining to my wife about the absurdity of how it was starting off, I was happy to see Cass come down and get in Jericho’s face. He held his own on the mic and when it was announced just a short while later that these two would face off in the main event it intrigued me. The match would be something fresh and keeps Cass in the spotlight with Enzo still recovering from his concussion.

The Corbin/Ziggler match was OK but Ziggler was a world champion and to have him lose in like eight minutes to a newcomer makes me shake my head. On the positive side, it’s good to see Corbin get the clean win over Ziggler to propel himself and make up for his Payback loss. Unfortunately, we’ll see these two fight again next week and/or at Extreme Rules as that’s all the writers can give us.

I’ll step out of commenting on this specific show and state something WWE really needs to look at if they are giving us a “New Era.” WWE has to fix is how they take commercial breaks. With most of the matches, you really don’t have to be invested until they take a commercial in the middle of the match and come back. I find it makes me lose interest in the matches and slow down the programming as you know most of the time nothing major happens until after a break.

Back to the show and I wonder why is Ric Flair not talking during backstage segments recently? Has Vince put a muzzle on him? Is he just too drunk?

I have no idea if WWE are actually piping in boos for “The Club” now and cheers for Reigns and crew during the backstage segments. I was surprised to hear any boos for AJ, Gallows, and Anderson seeing how the majority of fans boo Reigns and have been cheering AJ Styles.

I’m pissed that we’re seeing more of this R-Truth/Goldust nonsense shit “drama” on TV. No one cares. They could have been a good team with a story if WWE jumped on it four months ago. Fandango beat Jericho two years ago in his Wrestlemania debut and now he jobs to R-Truth in two minutes? What horseshit! It’s time to repackage Fandango. I guess he should be lucky he wasn’t cut with the other wrestlers on Friday.

It was nice to see Paige back on TV with a win. I guess the whole point of the match was to show that Shane and Stephanie are serious about Flair being banned from ringside when they say he is.

Sami Zayn and The Miz had a really good match. I don’t think people are praising The Miz’s work as of late. He’s just a great heel, like usual, but his ring work has been the best of his career over the past few months. The win for Zayn was awesome to get him into the Intercontinental championship match at Extreme Rule and lets the fans see him as a viable contender. Very happy with the match, but the commercial in the middle, once again, makes it seem like nothing matters in these matches until the mandatory commercial break has taken place.

I’m glad they let Emma and Becky Lynch have some backstage time to add some fire to their feud (I should say ANY fire – give these women time to tell a story and feud). They need more of this – not Jericho talking about a fucking plant! Glad to see Dana Brooke appear to aid Emma but they need to expand on this next week to let the crowd know why these two are in cahoots and WHO Dana Brooke actually is.

Darren Young teaming up with Bob Backlund as a “life coach??” Someone should tell WWE that no one will get this or understand the concept as I’m guessing 80% or higher of the current WWE viewers have no idea who Backlund is. Following the awful vignette, the announcers said absolutely nothing about it and promptly moved on to talking about the next issue.

I don’t need to see a Pizza Hut advertisement “cleverly placed” (that’s sarcasm, people)  onto Raw in the guise of entertainment. Notice you saw none of the wrestlers actually eat the pizza? The writers have nothing right now for Sasha Banks except putting her in a product placement segment?

So WWE wants to build Rusev up again as a threat and contender to the US championship but he loses to Sin Cara, who usually loses to everyone? Yeah…good writing.

The three on three match was better than I thought. I just don’t understand why they don’t have Gallows and Anderson just dominating others. These guys should be built as a threat to everyone in the locker room…and with AJ, they should be ready to take over NWO style. Nope…they’re being fed to Reigns, which is ridiculous.

Poor Zack Ryder. That’s all I’ll say.

Same old tag team match heading into a PPV. Here’s the formula for those who are unfamiliar, for some reason: face tag team goes against heel tag team. Faces are winning, faces are distracted by the heel team that will challenge them at the PPV, and then the heel team team actually fighting in the match get the win. “New Era” my ass.

So we were told we were getting something fresh as our main event and it doesn’t happen because Ambrose, who already beat Jericho at the last PPV, wants more revenge and attacks him before the match happens? Why such a heel tactic? It is always fun to watch Jericho play the pissed-off bad guy, though. I have more sypmathy towards Jericho’s jacket than that damn plant. Ah, shit. I just figured out that Jericho or Ambrose will be on Raw next week eulogizing the jacket. FFS! I just want “I’m going to climb over this fence and shit down your throat” crazy Ambrose back.

How does Raw end? With the McMahons backstage talking of course, just like the Payback PPV. Why? Why the fuck do the McMahons need to be the last talking point of the show? It isn’t needed and this is not “New Era” writing. And what was that last moment featuring Stephanie looking at the photo of Shane and Vince supposed to convey to the audience? It didn’t work.

While there were some improvements this week, but nothing was surprising. Next week will probably be the same show again as their just coasting until Extreme Rules has come and gone.

*As I’m going to publish this, the ratings for last night have come in and they went down this week, nabbing the second worst ratings of the year.