Club Grayskull He-Man Review


*Cringer not included with the figure.

I know, I know …I’m doing this is the wrong order. He-Man SHOULD have been first, but I already reviewed Trap Jaw because he was a newly released figure. This He-Man, that is a part of the new Club Grayskull line, came out in February, 2016 and sold out quickly.

As mentioned in the Trap Jaw review, Club Grayskull is the new line that uses the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) body and scale but gives us the look of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon from the 80s. This figure and Trap Jaw sold out almost instantly and I think Mattel didn’t realize the demand they’d have for these and the aftermarket is demanding a high price already for them.

I already went over the new packaging look in the Trap Jaw review, so if you want any further analysis, you can go back and read it. He-Man’s packaging was the first exposure to the new look, and as I said, it’s f’n awesome. The cartoon He-Man on the back doesn’t seem to be a true replica of the Filmation version. Something just seems off about him and I’m not the only one in the ever so critical internet community that thinks so.

He-Man is on the same MOTUC body/buck. You can see that with this line, as mentioned in the Trap Jaw article, features less detailing and paint applications than the Classics line to try and stay true to the Filmation cartoon. You can see the sword holder, He-Mans’ armour, wrist guards, belt, and boots have minimal detailing.

First, and the pro of the two changes, is the extra articulation in He-Man’s wrist that allows you to pose him in that classic “aloft” pose so he can raise his sword to yell the classic line, “by the power of Grayskull!” Feel free to yell it out!

The con of the two changes is the shitty new ankles. I have no idea why they changed the ankles from what worked well in the Classics line. The idea of having rocker ankles to provide extra posing option is great, but if it affects the asthetics of the figure, then why bother? The huge gap between He-Man’s foot and the lower shin area is large and unappealing.

I will say that I really do like the poses you can get out of the figure. The extra wrist articulation does make a huge difference and the ankles do work well, so it is a damned if you do/damned if you don’t trade-off.


Look at this garbage design!

He-Man’s only accessory is his Power Sword. I’ve taken a picture comparing it to the sword the very first MOTUC He-Man came with. I can’t believe that with the price we pay for these figures there isn’t any extra paint applied to the sword. Not only that, but the sword is just re-released and not a 100% accurate Filmation sword. You have to see the cartoon to really be able to compare, and it is a bit of nit-picking, but if they’re truly marketing this as a line that represents the cartoon, the effort should be made.



“By the power of…a plain looking, not exact replica, sword!!!!”

The head sculpt is the main focal point of this figure. The hair, the face and the expression make this figure seem like it popped out of the cartoon and into your hands. Once again, the quality control regarding these figures rears its ugly head. I thought I was lucky not getting derpy eyes or something awful with my figure like many have reported. It wasn’t until I took this photo and really noticed close up how my figure is fucked up.

The eyebrows are different thicknesses, his left pupil is larger than the right, there’s a bit of paint missing from the right eyebrow and there’s a paint smudge on his right cheekbone. At least the hair is done properly without any paint screw-ups.  I wonder when in the hell Mattel/Mattycollector are going to get their acts together and fix this quality control issue. It’s almost embarrassing now.


I’ve taken a few comparison shots so you can see the He-Man figure released for the MOTUC line compared to this one so you can see the difference.

I do like this figure, although I did express my dissatisfaction with some of the issues. If even the quality control was better, I could forgive the ankles, but when you’re an international customer, not getting free figures to review AND have sunk thousands into this line, I think I can be vocal. That being said, I’m still happy I subscribed to this line and welcome more of the figures to come


*Cringer not included with the figure. He’s running away not wanting to be transformed into Battle Cat!

Not wanting to end on any negative note, but us fans of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon have been waiting for figures like this for 30 years and I think that’s why the community has been so critical. I will thank the Four Horsemen for their work towards these figures and Mattel for making the line happen (well, maybe the fans that subscribe, too), but this lack of quality control and lack of communication regarding it, the line and the figure delays needs to stop. On the flip side, I’m thankful we’re still getting Masters of the Universe figures.