Mint in Box: Ultimate Freddy by NECA


Source: New Line Cinema

I loves me some Nightmare on Elm Street! It has been my favourite horror movie franchise since I was a kid and saw Part 3: The Dream Warriors. I think I saw it when it came out, as we had a satellite dish with a tinkered receiver box, so we got every channel (shhhhh…).


My awesome plastic Elm St. sign my sister bought me!

Back in the 80s, the bubble-wrapped kid mentality wasn’t prominent and I got to watch quite a bit of horror and other adult shows, but the difference was my mom talked to me about things being real and fake, consequences for certain actions, the birds and the bees, etc., and I turned out OK…I think.

Back to good ol’ Freddy and his movies. I saw the movies out of order as a kid. I saw Part 3 first, then Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, then the original in Florida on vacation! I got the person running the “kids club” to rent it and all the other kids 10 and under left except me! I couldn’t believe the girl running the show rented an R rated slasher flick for kids 11 and under. By the time Part 4: The Dream Master was on VHS, I rented it while we were away from home again, visiting one of my uncles.

I couldn’t get enough and even had a Freddy poster on my wall when I was 11. I’d also stay up to catch Freddy’s Nightmares at midnight on Saturday nights just to catch as much Freddy as I could.

Freddy Krueger

Source: New Line Cinema

I took a look at the first (and my first) Freddy Krueger action figure from McFarlane toys in my Movie Maniacs retrospect and I’ve collected many others over the year (that I’ll show at a later date). I wanted to take a look at this one figure before the others as I think it’s one of the best releases ever for Freddy Kruger and A Nightmare on Elm Street fans.

This Ultimate Freddy Krueger figure from NECA celebrates the 30th anniversary of the franchise and was released at the end of 2014. The packaging for this thing KICKS ASS! The front of the box is the original movie poster and the colours on the glossy box make this thing pop! The back shows the figure close up and the accessories that come with the figure. It’s really cool that they use the original movie synopsis for the text on the back.

The side and the top of the box also feature the well known logo for the franchise, while the top includes a picture of the famed killer.

To open the front flap, you just pull gently as it is held in place with Velcro and it holds very well. On the inner flap, you see a large picture of the actual figure posed and to the right, you’ll see the figure packaged securely with its accessories in a window box. I love these packages because people can save these boxes to store their figures if they choose to take them out and display them for a bit.

Looking at the window box, you can clearly see what’s inside: the figure, the alternate head, Freddy’s iconic Fedora hat, and alternate hand that squirts his yellowy blood when he sliced off his fingers in a scene in the movie, and the phone with a tongue that french-kisses Nancy. NECA went the extra mile and included another head that you can place the fake face/dead skin mask accessory on to replicate another scene from the original film. Those are well thought out accessories!

The outfit is spot on. The colours of his sweater and pants are perfect and I really dig the small creases/wrinkles that were sculpted into them. Both face sculpts are probably the best likeness on Freddy/actor Robert Englund that I’ve seen yet. I have to give NECA and their sculptors props because if you look at both heads closely, all of the open cuts, marks, and wounds are in the exact same place, only being affected by the muscles in his face while grinning. I think those small attention to details is what makes a good figure truly great.


Below is a closer look at all the accessories that you can enlarge. All of these have amazing attention to detail. I’ll comment quickly on all of them.

-The figure has 30 points of articulation so you can pose Freddy in a plethora of poses, especially with all the different display options with the extra hands and heads. (I WISH I scored two of these now in retrospect so I could have one permanently out!). NECA added articulated legs, which has been needed for a long time with their Freddy figures.

-The grimacing face of the extra head is really disturbing, which is great to capture Freddy’s essence.

-Freddy’s regular glove is really well sculpted, but I still want the razors to be a little sharper looking.

-The dead skin mask is disgustingly presented but there’s nothing more shocking as the laughing skinless head. It is so awesome and this would be so cool to see done in a 12″ scale with the exact amount of detail. This head will give some people, ahem, nightmares.

-The extra hand is such a well thought out extra. I think the sculptors captured the perfect amount of fluid gushing out of his severed fingers. It’s like you’re pausing the film and capturing the moment perfectly. I think the colour of the fluid may be a little too bright, but that’s just nit-picking.

-The phone is the right size and I’m glad the size of the tongue isn’t too big.You want to capture the moment and not go over the top accenting it, so I think they nailed it. If you asked me even 2 years ago if we’d ever see this as an accessory, I would have said no.

These figures ran $30-35 Canadian when they were available. Now you have to get them on the aftermarket unless you’re lucky enough to track one down in a toy/comic/specialty store.  I got the only one left where I locally pick up most of my figures, and like I said before, I would have liked to score another one as this figure should be out for display and posed on one of my shelves. With my limited space, and my love for keeping lots of figures in the box, I’ll just have to admire the amazing work from behind the plastic wall.

I’ve seen online that the the second head and the skull-like head were included in the first NECA Freddy, but the paint is a bit different and they aren’t as glossy. I’ve never seen one in person (and wish I owned one – NECA: have an extra to send me?) so I’ll trust other people’s reviews and pics.


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