Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Tri-Clops


After He-Re, next up in the Masters of the Universe line was one of the classic villains that many loved: Tri-Clops. I played with the vintage figure all the time. I think besides Skeletor, he was one of the bad guys that were always involved the story lines I was creating. Why? With three different eyes, he was just so cool to play with.

Maybe my connection to Tri-Clops was strengthened from watching and looking at a lot of sci-fi and fantasy stuff when I was a kid. Clash of the Titans had a cyclops and one of my favourite movies back in the day, Krull, also had a heroic cyclops. Masters of the Universe took the lore of a one-eyed character and created Tri-Clops for the line.

Tri-Clops went on sale in August, 2009 and lasted about 2 ½ days before he sold out. As usual, the packaging was the standard. The bio reveals his true name, why he wears the visor with three eyes, and what each eye does.

The articulation on the figure is the same as the standard guys before him. The armour and the head are removable and you can swap them with other figures. While Tri-Clops’ armour is basic in design and not very complicated, I’ve always liked how appealing it is. I think the large/long shoulder pieces that protect his shoulders give him a more intimidating look.

I love the addition of the three knives/mini swords the Horsement added to the sculpt of the armour. I would have LOVED for these to be removable, but they’re permanent. I took a picture to show how snug the sword fits into the holder.

The main feature of Tri-Clops are his rotating visor that allows him (or should I say you) to select the eye with the specific power when needed. Each of the three eyes have a different function. One eye has “Gammavision” which allows him to see around objects.  Another eye has “Distavision”, which allows him to see far away. And the other eye has night Vision and can generate optic blasts.

One of the cool things about Tri-Clops’ design was the Four Horsemen actually sculpted the technology that allows Tri-Clops to use his visor underneath the visor piece. You can pull this piece off but they stuck it on pretty well. I never took it off as I wasn’t sure if I could pop the visor back on and I didn’t want to damage anything. Some people did and the pic below shows the extra touch the Horsemen added (courtesy of



Tri-Clops came with his unique looking sword that is the same design as his vintage weapon. I always dug that it had a hand guard on it. The sword has a metallic shine to it and I really like the updated paint application.



Tri-Clops also came with an accessory that the vintage figure came with originally: the Grayskull ring that you could wear. It even has the same design as the classic one on the front of it! I totally forgot that I had this way back in the day, but the minute I saw it, that nostalgic feeling came over me and I wanted to high five whoever made the decision to include it.On the inside is the Masters of the Universe Classics logo.

As a nod to the 200X MYP cartoon series, Tri-Clops also included his bird-like scouting drone/droid, called the Doomseeker.

I said before that they figure is basic in design, but sometimes simple is the best. Tri-Clops transferred well to Masters of the Universe Classics and is constantly being reposed on my shelf.