Mint in Box Rewind: Movie Maniacs Series 2 – McFarlane Toys

Recently, I gave some history on the Movie Maniacs line from McFarlane Toys and showed the figures I had collected from Series One. If you missed it, you can catch up HERE. For this feature, I’ll be looking at figures I cherry picked from Series 2 way back in 1998. Let’s get going!

Before I look at the figures I have from this line, I’ll list the figures that were a part of it. This line featured: Michael Myers (Halloween), Pumpkinhead (Pumpkinhead), Norman Bates (Psycho), Eric Draven/The Crow (The Crow), Ghostface (Scream), Chucky (Child’s Play 2), and a Chucky and Tiffany box set (Bride of Chucky).

I’m a fan of all the movies above, except Scream, but figures of The Crow and Norman Bates just didn’t appeal to me so I didn’t buy them. I still don’t remember why I passed on a Michael Myers figure but it was probably because there was something else that I always spent the money on instead. I do kick myself for not having one for my collection, though. With that all said, here are the figures I have from this line.

Pumpkinhead – Series 2

Pumpkinhead comes from the movie of the same name. While the movie  wasn’t the best (it was too slow and didn’t have enough of the main bad guy), the creature, designed by Stan Winston, was an instant favourite of mine. The packaging front is the same as Series 1 – a big clear shell for the figure with a large picture of the character’s head in the top left corner.

The back of all Series 2 figures were all the same and featured all the characters they made (that I listed above) as well as other line McFarlane Toys was pumping out at the time. Figures in Series 2 featured a sticker on the box displaying the picture that was featured in the movie poster that was packed behind the figure. I thought this was a good idea, as they were really hard to see trapped in the package. The movie poster replicas were in the same creepy picture holder as Series 1.

I think Pumpkinhead has some good textures and the face was sculpted really well. You can see the articulation in the shoulders, head, and elbows. An articulated jaw would have been neat to see for those who took him out of the box to display him. I didn’t, so I can’t bitch.

I think they knocked him out of the park and the slender, menacing look of the character translated well to an action figure. The character didn’t use any weapons in the movie, so he comes with no accessories.


Chucky – Child’s Play 2

One of my favourites characters in the whole line was/is Chucky. I mean, who doesn’t love Chucky?! This figure’s design was taken from the second movie where, after he captured horror fans’ attention, he was on a rampage most of the movie and his obnoxious, yet witty, personality began to flourish. The only accessory he came with was a knife.

The expression on Chucky’s face is a win for me. The eyes are piercing, the brows are angry and that mouth sculpt bring together Chucky’s lust for vengeance and revenge.

The outfit’s colours are pretty close to the source and I love that the clothes look dirty. It’s like he’s already gotten down to business.

I love the rooted hair on the figure but I always thought some of the design choices made the figure a little disappointing for me. I found that the forehead was a little bit too high, his arms a little longer than they should be, and his hands to be extremely large (just look at them compared to his feet). What do you think about the resemblance of the figure to the movie design? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Chucky and Tiffany – Bride of Chucky

The last figures I have from this series are Chucky and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky. The window box packaging is really appealing with graphics and a colour scheme that give off a slasher film kind of vibe (although I think it’s more of a dark comedy). The back of the box changes up the colours and configuration of the characters available in Series 2.

McFarlane Toys went the extra mile with the packaging by having the top of the box also have the logo with the “Chucky” name cut out. On the side, there’s a poem as well.

The accessories the figures come with are: a bottle of wine, a cigarette for Tiffany and a knife. Imagine seeing action figures with cigarettes in the toy aisle today!

The Chucky figure’s body is similar to the other release, but you can see the details where the clothing is ripped. I love the beaten up and sewn look of his face. The aggression really comes out with this sculpt. The work around his eyes and his mouth are also really well done. I have the same gripes with this figures as the Part 2 release (large forehead, long arms, and big hands).

The Tiffany figure blew my mind when I first got it in my hand (well, in the box) and I’m still impressed with the level of detail for a figure released in 1998. The work they had to do sculpting the dress and the leather jacket on top of it is simply awesome. Add in the extra details of her stockings, the details on her boots and her necklace and I can say this figure was almost perfect.

Unfortunately, the hairline is too far back for my liking and the huge forehead is distracting.  The arms don’t bother me as much as her arms aren’t straight.

I’ve moved so many times this package has seen the war stories. You can see the plastic covering the pictures has a tear in it. The sadness!


That’s it for my quick look back at the figures I own from Movie Maniacs – Series 2. My look at a few figures from Series 3 will be coming soon, as well as a few of the larger figures they released in this line.

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