WWE Raw Thoughts: May 2, 2016


Fresh off a PPV that had ups and downs trying to promote a “new era,” we got one of the most bland, tedious, and slow moving Raw episodes in a while. From this viewer’s perspective, this is not a “new era,” but the same old bullshit. Let’s run down the show and here’s a warning: I’m going to be vulgar because I’m pissed.

So this “new era” starts off with the McMahons yapping and a segment that goes nowhere? Fuck this. Both of Shane and Stephanie agree that Kevin Owens (who came out to break up the monotonous segment) has a rematch clause that he’s never been given, so what do they do? They put him in a match for the #1 contender place. It makes NO sense.

Thank goodness for the Cesaro and Owens match because it was one of the only highlights in this show. The match was great until the shitty booking started where The Miz came in for no reason to start beating on Cesaro, and then Sami Zayn came out to even the odds. Yes, we can see we’re heading to a fatal four-way match for the IC championship at Extreme Rules. We could see that the night before at Payback.

Backstage after all the commotion, Reigns approached AJ Styles and said he now has respect for him after the previous night’s match. Let me get this straight: Reigns, who has been in the business for like six years is now giving respect to a veteran of the industry who has won numerous world titles in different promotions just because of last night? Please…he can take his respect and shove it. Hell, the audience wants Reigns to shove it in general!

Next up to insult our intelligence and waste our time was a backstage segment with R-Truth and Golddust trying to make each other jealous using Tyler Breeze and Fandango respectively. A “match,” and I say that loosely, took place between Golddust and Tyler Breeze and Breeze won. more bullshit that no one cares about happened afterward. For fuckssakes, keep this stuff off TV or put it on Superstars, not your flagship show.

We’re then subjected to another long talk segment with The New Day saying the same old shit, who get interrupted by the Vaudevillains, who get interrupted by the Dudleys, who get interrupted by Cass. Then a brawl breaks out and then we get the brawl interrupted with a COMMERCIAL BREAK?!?! Why the fuck would they cut to commercial as soon as a fight breaks out with Michael Cole yelling “chaos has just broken out!” Who makes a decision like this?

We come back from commercial to see a match featuring all these wrestlers. I also say “match” sparely here, too, as this was awful as well. Know who won? Devon got pinned, as usual, but none of this matters anyway. After this match, I fell asleep as I didn’t care for the show or where it was going. Thank goodness for my PVR as I watched the rest in the morning on my so I could skip the commercials. As I watched the rest of the show, I’m glad I didn’t stay up to watch the rest.

So Becky Lynch doesn’t deserve a televised entrance now? Is that a sign? She goes up against Emma and the reason for this match is because these two are talking smack on Twitter. Oh, who cares!?!?!? Are you kidding me? This is the best the creative team has for two competent females on the roster? Tell a story on the show!!! Let the women’s division flourish!

Holy SHIT….we’re then subjected to ANOTHER talking segment and this time it featured  Dean Ambrose and (sigh) Stephanie McMahon. At least by the end of this, Ambrose doesn’t have a talk show any more and Stephanie has yet again changed into a heel, when she was trying to be a face at the beginning of the show. Oh yeah, Jericho showed up so they could start the build to another match at Extreme Rules.

Next up we are treated to a Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the US Championship. You know the people who haven’t been on TV in awhile wouldn’t win. At least Rusev won this thing, but you know creative is so drained that they’ll hype this feud with Kalisto up as another “David vs. Goliath” story (although we just had that with Ryback).

Guess what? We get ANOTHER talking segment. This one featured Charlotte, Natalya, and referee Charles Robinson (who helped with the awful ending to their the night before).  This segment didn’t have to happen as the shitty ending the night before didn’t need to happen. They could have had these two feud better leading up to a submission match FOR the Payback PPV, not Extreme Rules, but it looks like we’re getting yet another repeat match.

Hey! Stephanie McMahon is a face again by banning Ric Flair from the ring during Charlotte’s match at Extreme Rules. My fucking head is spinning!!!!

Finally we get to the main event featuring Gallows, Anderson and AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns and the Usos. The match was OK, but nothing great. I’ll say that AJ is looking like a puss and an idiot because of the writing for his character. You’re telling me that AJ is going to continue to tell Anderson and Gallows to not go after Reigns although Reigns goes after AJ any time he’s blindsided? It happened again after the match ended! If they continue to go down this road, people won’t care to see AJ win because they don’t want an idiot to hold the belt.

At least Reigns was acting like a heel at the end, but although we’re getting a rematch between Styles and Reigns at Extreme Rules, why will anyone care if “Super Reigns” kicked out of everything the night before and then totally destroyed Styles at the end of Raw?! Add in Styles not trying to get the upper hand with his crew and you just say, “who cares?!”

This Raw episode was embarrassing. I know the talent tries to do their best with what is given, but what was handed to them was just shit booking and writing. Creative and Vince are just phoning it in with this episode and I feel the next two will be the same because they’re just trying to tread water until they get to the next PPV, which now looks like it will be close to the same card as Payback but with stipulations. If they won’t even make the effort, why the hell should we watch?

Oh yeah, WWE, people are pretty smart and know when you’re muting the audience because Reigns is getting booed heavily. It also gets out there that WWE is now altering signs that are anti-Reigns if they’re in shots that they’re using on their website. It boggles my mind that they’re STILL pushing Reigns as a fan favourite. Sorry for swearing so much but all this shit boggles my fucking mind. As a long time wrestling fan and the respect I have for the athletes, I have to call bullshit when I see it. This show proves that the “new era” label is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing…and Vince is the wolf.