Quick Look – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Takodana Encounter 4 Pack

The Force Awakens stirred up something in me that hadn’t been unleashed in a long time: collecting Hasbro’s Star Wars figures in the 3 3/4″ scale. The last time I really went bat-shit crazy collecting figures in this scale was during Attack of the Clones and into the “Star Wars Saga” series. By Revenge of the Sith, I lost interest in collecting most Star Wars figures and other lines were getting my money and attention (not to mention a limited toy budget and lack of room affect that, too).

When The Force Awakens trailers hit and we got closer to the release day, I became more exited hoping the movie would be a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed the movie for what it was: a love letter to Star Wars fans to try and restart the franchise. I saw it once in the theatre and bought it on Blu-Ray to enjoy again.

I don’t care if it followed Episode IV: A New Hope in plot/story progression as it brought back that nostalgic feeling and it had good pacing. I wasn’t a fan of the forced (excuse the pun) comedy, but I liked many of the new characters and I’m very excited to see the where the next films go. Some of the characters (and the whole thing with Luke) leave us with questions leading into the next installment, and that’s what I think they were going for. I’m curious to see if the next one will have a darker vibe like The Empire Strikes Back did.

I went out on “Force Friday” before work and got most of the figures that were available in the 3 3/4″ scale and most of The Force Awakens figures that were in The Black Series. I was so excited to see what these figures would foreshadow in the movie and after grabbing these, there was a feeling of excitement seeing fresh faces to the Star Wars universe.

While I was planing on keeping them all in the packaging, I did buy one extra Kylo Ren to open to go with few of my loose Star Wars figures. While I dug the sculpts on most of the initial figures released, I didn’t dig the lack of articulation. These figures (and I’m not sure about the Black Series figures in this scale) only have 5 points of articulation. I’m pissed that Hasbro cut corners as people who like to open these, as well as the kids who want to play with these things, don’t have the range of motion that most toys do now. It worked in the 80s, but c’mon…we’ve come so far!

This 4-pack just staring hitting store shelves about three weeks ago (as of the time of writing this). I decided to take a few pics to show what this 4-pack offers the fans and give my two cents to see if it’s worth the $30 (Canadian dollars). I’ll take a sec to thank my awesome wife for picking this up for me.

The set comes in a window box with a really cool group collage on the front featuring all the characters you get in the set: Finn, Rey, Maz Kanata, and BB-8. On the back of the box, you get a small bio about each of the characters. I love when toys have little bits of info about the characters!

I think the main selling feature of this box set, besides getting a BB-8 in this scale without buying the Millennium Falcon or other multi-packs, is getting a Maz Kanata figure who had not been released up to this point. This character has had many people talking after the movie came out because of the questions regarding how she got a hold of Luke’s lightsaber.

It’s fitting then that beside Maz in the box, we get the chest that the lightsaber was in! You can see in the picture that you also get an unlit lightsaber hilt and a blaster for Maz. I think the character is in the perfect scale to stand alongside the heroes in this set. All the little extras on the outift, hands and pants are impressive for such a small figure. The head sculpt with her glasses also turned out really well.


Rey comes in her Takodana outfit. The sculpt on the face is pretty good for this scale and the paint on the face, especially the eyebrows, help convey that this is a toy with the likeness of Daisy Ridley.

Rey comes with a lit up lightsaber, that she’d use against Kylo Ren later in the movie, a backpack and her staff.


Finn looks pretty decent in this box set and is probably the best version of him they’ve released so far in this scale. I think the expression on his face brings personality to the figure. The little textures on the jacket showing that it’s worn in is a nice touch! Beside him you can see he gets an unpainted blaster.


My second big reason to score this set was to get a BB-8 in this scale. I wasn’t buying the Millennium Falcon that included him (big item, overpriced, and poorly designed), and I still haven’t seen any of the multi-packs that featured him in any stores in my city. Finally this little upbeat droid can rest well knowing he’s with all the other figures sitting in my man-cave.

The details and the paint on the figure are really well done. From what I’ve seen looking at the figure (and in the pic) is that the paint application went on without slop anywhere. Adding the silver and yellow make the figure pop and I really like that they sculpted the antennas on the figure, too.


For my Mint In Box/Mint On Card Star Wars collection, I think this is worth the money. Yes, two of the figures are small, BB-8 has been released before, and the two main characters don’t bring too much new to the table, but when you factor in that a single carded figure go for about $10-12 Canadian, getting four figures, plus new and reused accessories in a eye-pleasing box make this worth the $30 in my mind. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!