Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Hordak


The battle for evil supremacy was in full swing in Eternia when Hordak showed up in the vintage line. He brought with him his own posse and they were hell bent on conquering both He-Man and Skeletor, as well as their supporters, for full control of Eternia.

Just think about that for a second: as a child, you’re used to good vs. evil. Good guys vs. bad guys. You’re not used to good guys vs. bad guys vs. REALLY bad guys. Tossing in the third party created a whole realm of play possibilities for kids. Create a three-way dance to be the top dawg? You could do it! Align Hordak with Skeletor? You could do it! Have He-Man befriend Skeletor? You could do that, too! Have all three go out for beers and bury the hatchet? I guess anything is possible.


Hordak became the main villain on the Filmation She-Ra – Princess of Power cartoon. I thought the Evil Horde were pretty cool when I got the toys for my birthday, so I watched She-Ra just to be able to see them. Unfortunately, they were not presented how they came across in my own imagination. The characters on the show looked totally different from their Filmation counterparts and acted even goofier than most of Skeletor’s clan. Hordak differed by having a blue skin tone, a transforming arm, and a square, more robotic jaw (see below).



With Masters of the Universe Classics, Hordak was re-imagined with the vintage toy in mind, like the rest of the line. Hordak was released on June 15, 2009 and lasted about an hour before he was sold out.

By now collectors expected the usual packaging and that’s what Hordak comes in. His bio combined a lot of the history of Hordak from numerous media. I love his original name and how his history goes all the way back to the times of He-Ro (Pre-Eternia), mentions battling the Snake-Men, being banished to Despondos, AND his involvement with Skeletor (then known as Keldor before his transformation). This was a thorough and satisfying bio.

Hordak came on the standard buck the rest of the figures did which means his articulation is basically the same as the rest, only his head suffering a bit with a lack up movement on the ball joint due to the cowl/hood. For this release, Hordak received new armour that went over the body with a large cape attached to it. He also has new gloves, boots (with the Horde logo), and a really cool armband that has the Horde logo/insignia on it.

The figure’s updates gave Hordak more of a menacing look. It’s neat to see the cowl/hood piece is removable as well, if that’s something that you really wanted to do. I think he doesn’t look as menacing if you take it off. Wearing it gives him that larger than life bad guy presence.

For his accessories, Hordak comes with an updated crossbow. All the Horde in the vintage line came with a different coloured crossbow. Hordak’s original one was white, where this one is black. Not only that, the crossbow got a huge facelift from the vintage one giving the dragon/demon head at the front of the weapon a larger presence.



Hordak also comes with a staff with a large bat/Horde insignia on top to proudly display when heading into battle. I also can’t forget to mention the updated little bat companion that fits snugly on his arm. I think it’s another great update that gives the fans more bang for the buck.

Like I said before, I really loved the Horde and all its members when I was a kid. I was very excited to see how the Four Horsemen would tackle him and update him. I wasn’t disappointed at all but I was really surprised to see him come so early in the line. Yes, he’s a big player in Eternia and the bio really connected him to why he’s such an important piece to Eternia’s history, but I swear I thought we weren’t going to see him until potentially the second year of the line. Perhaps Mattel and the Horsemen thought getting the leaders out sooner than later and then building their ranks would entice people to stick with the line more.