WWE Raw Thoughts: April 25, 2016


Source: wwe.com

This recap won’t be as long as last week as I don’t think there was anything more developed on this show as the “go-home” show before the Payback PPV on Sunday. I’ll get my predictions out on that this week.

As for this show, there were two key things that occurred. The first was the announcement that Vince McMahon will be at the PPV to decide whether Shane or Stephanie will have control of Raw. I’m not going to predict anything here, as I’ll save that for my PPV predictions, but this segment will give the WWE audience (I refuse to use the “universe” term) another reason to tune in.

This show also tried to have the audience continue to guess if AJ Styles collaborating with Gallows and Anderson and their attacks on Reigns. The ending of the show had AJ trying to separate friends vs. opponent, but Reigns attacked Styles – something their baby face champ their trying to push on the audience shouldn’t do. The crowd booed the hell out of Reigns all night and we’ll probably see the trend continue on Sunday.

As for the rest of the show, the crowd seemed pretty dead. Many of the matches had the League of Nations members (who are going to be disbanding soon) go against the “good guys.” Styles won vs. Sheamus, Zayn won vs. Rusev, and Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio. None of the matches came across as exciting on TV and the crowd just didn’t seem to be into any of them.

Gallows and Anderson had their Raw wrestling debut against the Usos and won the match. WWE aligning the Usos with Reigns does nothing for the Usos except create the anti-Reigns crowd hop onto booing them as well. Can you see a stable war starting to rise? Bullet Club vs. Reigns and family (or something catchier – I guess the Reigns empire could work here as a stable name). I would have liked Gallows and Anderson win this match more quickly and be more dominantly to come across as the next big thing in tag-team wrestling.

WWE writers buried Emma after the announce team did a good job of explaining where she was over the past year and how she came back with a new attitude. They could have used any other lady in the back to get squashed, so I have no idea why they chose Emma. It makes no sense with building new stars. I mean, send Summer Rae out there to get her useless ass kicked.

Speaking of the women’s wrestlers, where the hell are Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks?!? Why can’t WWE realize that they can have more than one angle/story going on in the women’s division at the same time? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Lastly, I’d like to know WHY we’re seeing the final of the tag-team tournament on the Payback PPV and not the winner facing The New Day? It’s bad enough the tag team titles weren’t defended at WrestleMania, but now they’re postponing again? What happened to the title defense clause they pull out of their ass when it’s convenient? I will say, although I don’t like Vaudevillians, they did well on the mic during the talk segment vs. Enzo and Cass.

I think the PPV looks good on paper and I’m excited to watch it on Sunday. Come back later in the week to see my predictions and share your thoughts in the comments section!