Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Zodac

The lead in to this figure’s quick review is very similar to the one I wrote about Stratos. Zodac was another one of the vintage original Masters of the Universe figures I never had as a kid, and probably for the same reason: from a parent’s perspective buying their child a toy, he’s just a boring dude wearing a helmet with a little blaster.

When Zodac went up for sale in May, 2009, I grabbed him right away as the MOTUC figures were selling out quickly. My anticipation for him was low for the same reasons as Stratos: I had no childhood connection to him. Zodac was barely featured in the Filmation cartoon and with all the different Masters of the Universe media I had as a child (and the art of all the products), I couldn’t figure out if he was a good guy or a bad guy so I really didn’t NEED to have him to be a part of any team.

The package is the standard that we were used to up to this point. The Bio reveals Zodac’s last name and gives insight to his background. I think it’s neat to learn that he was once a member of the Council of Elders and when he becomes a Cosmic Enforcer, he still remains neutral in the MOTUC storyline. I’d love for Dark Horse comics to do a mini-series on Zodac, his background, and the things he actually does to maintain the balance in the universe that is always mentioned with him.

Zodac’s body is a blend of the furry torso of Stratos/Beast-Man but he has the same arms and feet as Skeletor. The vintage Masters of the Universe line was known for reusing the same bodies and parts to keep costs down, so the MOTUC line stayed with that philosophy to bridge the old school look with the new school way of adding more articulation and better sculpting.

Zodac does indeed pay homage to his vintage figure. All the similarities are there, with the Horsemen adding their special touches on the helmet to give it a tad bit of a modern look while keeping the source material accurate.

Zodac comes with his vintage blaster. Just like the figure itself, the weapon is a direct throwback to the vintage one. It’s red. It’s a blaster. It’s the only thing Zodac needs. In one of the weapons packs, we get both Zodac’s armor and blaster in pink. You’ll be seeing that when I break down the first weapons pack down the road.

Zodac was also featured in a DC vs. MOTUC two-pack with the Green Lantern.  The completest in me wishes that I would have, but I just couldn’t justify paying the price plus the shipping from some Ebay sellers with our Canadian dollar how it was (well, how it is today is practically the same). As you can see in the picture below, it looks like the main difference is that Zodac has painted gloves.

zodak 2pack


Zodac is Zodac. There are no special gimmicks and with no special action feature for the vintage toy, there was nothing for the Four Horsemen to try and replicate here. It’s funny though, that throughout the years I’ve collected this line, Zodac has become one of my bud’s favourite figures. Any time he is over drinking beer, Zodac is there on the table in front of him hanging out. He almost died of happiness when my Masters of the Universe Giants Zodac came in at the end of last year, because he can NEVER get enough of the Cosmic Enforcer. I hope Zodac likes beer, because he’s sure drank enough with my friend, Teri.