Luke Skywalker 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys

This review was a long time coming! I received Luke with Obi-Wan the same day and C-3P0 a week or two later. I was unsure what order to do them in, but Luke has the most accessories and ways to display him, so I left him until last. This review lets the pictuers do the talking, and there a lot of them in this review. Let’s take a look!

Hot Toys has been tackling a lot of Star Wars characters based their looks/costumes from Episode IV: A New Hope. Luke follows Hot Toys’ Obi-Wan and Sideshow’s C-3P0, as well as the Han Solo and Chewbacca two-pack from Hot Toys (review coming soon) and the almost upon us Princess Leia (again, from Hot Toys).

The packaging is similar to the other figures Hot Toys and Sideshow have released to keep mint in box collectors happy. I’ve already mentioned I keep my boxes and display these figures. These guys are just too good not to display, especially with what you pay for them. The inside features some great art that was creating using the figure, while the figure itself and the abundance of accessories he comes with are packed carefully and securely.

Speaking of accessories, I haven’t been collecting these sixth scale figures from Hot Toys or Sideshow for long, I think this figure has the most accessories and extra parts that any regular figure has ever come with. In the box you get: 8 different hands, a battery operated blue lightsaber (that works just like Obi-Wan’s), a lightsaber hilt (basically an unlit lightsaber), a long rifle, the hat he wore on Tatooine, goggles, a poncho, binoculars (that have an open and closed end piece!), the training helmet he wore on the Millenium Falcon, the training droid from the Falcon scene, a droid caller, a display stand, and a swappable head piece to fit the helmet and hat better.

If that’s not enough for you to find value for the dollar, the now sold-out Sideshow exclusive from their site also gave fans even more: a Stormtrooper belt with a grappling hook and the blaster rifle he used on the Death Star in his Stormtrooper disguise.


I’ve taken a bunch of pictures below so you can have a closer look at everything AND let it sink it that Luke comes with a shit load of stuff!

The articulation isn’t anything to scoff at either. Luke has 30 different points of articulation and the clothing he wears doesn’t hinder any of it. I didn’t have any difficulty posing Luke in any of the pictures or in other poses that he’s been in on my shelf over the past two months. The body seems to be the same as Obi-Wan’s and Han Solos, and I didn’t find any of the joints to be stiff when posing. The figure is in the sixth scale (12” average), so Luke, being a bit shorter than the others, comes in around 11” tall.

The costume/clothing he wears is simply amazing. The little attentions to detail that you see in it show that Hot Toys really is dedication to quality and being as exact as they can be when replicating the source material. The material for the clothing itself, and Luke’s boots are high quality. I’ve been posing him in different ways over the past month and a bit and I have yet to see any flaws in the materials used for the clothing or accessories. They did a fantastic job.

There are three different kinds of looks you can give Luke. I call them the “Tatooine Dreamer” look, the “Farmboy” look, or the “Novice in Training on the Falcon” look.

Luke has the same lightsaber options/features as the Obi-Wan from Hot Toys I reviewed last week. Luke comes with a lightsaber that can be placed, unlit, into a few of the hands he comes with. He also has an arm with the lightsaber hilt (see the accessory pics) that the lightsaber blade can be put into. From there, you detach the right forearm at the elbow joint, put in the the battery operated one, and voila! You have a Luke Skywalker with a glowing lit lightsaber!

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that in order for Luke to wear the training blast helmet or the Tatooine sun hat, you have to swap his hair piece. They are held on by magnets. The only quality control issue I had, you can see in the picture, as when I took off one of the hair pieces, the magnet came off. A drop of crazy glue fixes it, but it’s something to maybe watch out for so you don’t lose the magnet.

These figures are expensive and there’s no denying that. With Luke, I think that the figure is well worth the price you pay. You get a well articulated figure, a plethora of accessories, batteries included, and an amazing resemblance to Mark Hamill (I know there are people out there nit picking the head sculpt, but whatever). You can still pick the regular edition for $229.99 US over at Sideshow Toys’ website (the same figure, minus the Stormtrooper belt/hook and blaster rifle).

Rating: 9.5 out of 10