MP 29 Laserwave (Shockwave) Review


Transformers have always been an integral part of my life, beginning at the age of 4. The toys, the cartoons, and the comics have been a constant source of enjoyment, whether it was going to a toy store or comic store to find the latest stuff, or rushing home to watch the cartoon after school. I did stop collecting while Transformers were less popular. There were a few other Transformers branded cartoons that came and went and I watched them here and there, but it wasn’t until the comic company, Dreamwave, acquired the license to write a Generation One themed monthly comic book (1984-1991) and that brought me back to collecting comic books. I am currently still collecting Transformers comics and my son is also collecting a Transformers monthly comic line.

What brought me back to collecting Transformers figures was one day at Toys “R” Us I saw what would get me to purchase my first Transformer in quite a few years. It was the Hasbro Masterpiece Grimlock, I picked him up and haven’t looked back.

For my first review, I decided to start with the latest Masterpiece figure to be released. With each release in this line I realize I didn’t have as many G1 Transformers as I thought. I didn’t have the original G1 Shockwave, so collecting this line is my Transformers dream come true.


The Masterpiece Line is made and distributed in Japan by Takara Tomy and when they do release a figure in North America, it’s by Hasbro. They released MP 01 back in 2003: an excellent rendition of Optimus Prime.  MP 30 is currently being shipped from overseas and should be delivered to me sometime next week.

The line had a rather slow start with no set figure scale or character release schedule until 2012 when they remolded a new Optimus Prime figure for the release of MP 10 and the figures started to come out more frequently. They finally had to adopt a proper scale and they have adhered to that ever since. Starting late last year and continuing into the early part of the start of this year, they have increased the release schedule and have been shipping one figure a month since October. After MP 30’s release, the next figure isn’t scheduled until the end of August. Thank goodness because my wallet could use the break!

Shockwave comes in the standard Masterpiece box, which has been the standard for every Masterpiece release. I love these boxes as they are classy looking and are proudly displayed near my collection.


Inside the box is Shockwave, a pair of regular hands, a pair of clear hands, 2 saluting hands, (clear & regular), a mini Shockwave Gun (for the one episode he used it in), his backpack that doubles as a display stand for the gun mode and a sticker sheet with various Decepticon Insignias.


Shockwave has a light-piping feature for his eye (a first in the line), which works very well, under a light source. The cannon arm has a light up feature and in gun mode he has a functioning trigger that make the gun look like it is firing. His feet are diecast, which is a good choice because it makes him a little sturdier.


The arm the holds the cannon portion of the gun mode that becomes his backpack in robot mode. I’m happy that there isn’t any  partsforming with this figure. For those who are unaware, “partsforming” is when you have to remove or add something to complete the transformation.

The space cannon mode looks fantastic to me as well. Takara even incorporated a trigger which simulates his cannon firing. It doesn’t have a sound feature like the G1 toy did but I can live without that as it would have probably raised the price.

All in all this figure looks like it leapt from the TV screen. I personally love the figure and how it fits in the current line. The colour scheme work well for me, as it screams cartoon accuracy. The Masterpiece line continually amazes me and cannot wait for the next release.