Masters of the Universe Classics Anti Eternia He-Man

The chase figure of 2016 from for Masters of the Universe collectors popped up in Early Access on April 14. The window of opportunity to get him was insanely brief as the allotment they put up only lasted three minutes, even with a three per customer limit. I was lucky and snagged my two.



I’ll preface this review by saying I’m NOT a fan of chase figures at all. I subscribe for the sole purpose of being able to get everything. That’s the whole point of subscribing. I really feel for those who couldn’t snag it as I missed out on last year’s chase figure at the first opportunity, but luckily I scored my Spirit of Grayskull figures no problem when they came up later on in the year. Other people were still not lucky and had to resort to Ebay to complete their collections.

Anti Eternia He-Man is a figure based off a character that appeared in a story on a Masters of the Universe audio tape (cassette, for you youngins) released in the 80s in Germany. I never knew that this character or the stories even existed, but thanks to the hype surrounding this figure from SDCC last year and resources like, the information is out there. I won’t spoil the whole story as it’s available in the link provided for a read, but Anti Eternia He-Man is like the “dark side” or Bizarro He-Man on Anti-Eternia.

The packaging is special for this figure and I’m glad they did something a bit different here to justify releasing this character and putting it out as the chase figure. The colours are completely different from the MOTUC packaging that we’re used to. They are dark red and black and really give off the evil feeling this character is supposed to exude. The back of the package is now like the Collector’s Choice line with no bio. I think this figure really needed a bio on the back, especially with the work they did to change up the colours. If the Matty team went that length for the packaging, why wouldn’t they take the one little extra step and write about the character and the story on the back? That boggles my mind and it comes across as lazy or unfocused.

The figure in the package is actually held in by the usual plastic, but this figure also is held in by a black string and some additional plastic ties. This is a first for a figure in this line and I’m wondering if they did it to make it look cleaner/aesthetically pleasing and/or make it more secure for Mint in Package collectors.


Notice the string around the waist and the different style of plastic holding the figure in?

The figure itself is a regular He-Man (who has been long sold out) but with a black body and different paint. That means all the articulation of the figure is the same as the original MOTUC He-Man and many of the other figures. The black plastic the figure is molded in is really dark, but is still a bit glossy. The hair is a reddish tint and the eyes are a piercing white. I think the icing on the cake for the face is the red circles around his eyes that really accentuate the character’s evil persona. It’s like looking into his soul or maybe lack of soul! Now that’s evil!

The figure comes with a couple of weapons: He-Man’s Power Sword, axe, and shield, all in black with the shield having some red accents. On top of the standard weapons He-Man came with, Anti Eternia He-Man comes with the Alcala sword all in black AND Castle Grayskull man’s shield in black and red. I’m glad that they put in some extra weapons in as it gives more value to the figure, especially at $30 US PLUS the ridiculous shipping costs (domestic AND international) from Digital River.


I’ve read some people are now wondering if we’ll also get other Anti Eternia characters (or concept toys). I think it would be neat to see some of these – or at least some designs/prototypes and getting to vote on maybe one or two other characters. Imagine what an Anti Eternia Skeletor may look like.

Anyway, I’m happy with the figure, although he is just a differently coloured He-Man. The lack of a bio to give him a cement story is definitely missing. While the extra weapons do make a bit of a difference, and the packaging is cool, I just think this is still a $25 figure and not $30, seeing how the figure, the weapons and packaging are all just previously molds/released items.