Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Mer-Man

One of my favourite figures and characters in the Filmation Masters of the Universe cartoon was Mer-Man. Trying to mimic his voice from the cartoon while playing with the figure was always a hoot. Who am I kidding? I still do it here and there when I take the figure off my shelf.

The packaging is the same style that came before and after. I really dug Mer-Man’s real name in the bio:  Squidish Rex. The bio makes me wonder who the rival ocean clans are and how they destroyed his kingdom. Does that mean there are more Mer-Man looking people out there?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with some of the history behind the old line, the back of the package of the vintage figure featured 8 of the original figures, drawn in a similar style to what the figures looked like. Some were close to what the toys looked like but some were way off. The head of the Mer-Man action figure that was released in the early 80s and the original artwork on the back of the card were TOTALLY different. On top of that, the Filmation cartoon didn’t look like the toy or the drawing either. I’ve added a pictures below for you to reference.

The Four Horsemen decided to give the fans what they wanted: the head that was originally advertised! It was included as a bonus for the figure, while the figure was packaged with a head that resembled the vintage head. Collectors could have the choice on how to pose the figure. I snagged three: one to keep in the box on the shelf and two to display with each head.

Mer-Man comes on the same body, but there are some additions. The hands are sculpted specifically for Mer-Man and he also shares Skeletor’s feet. The neck area gets some extra detail as well. Mer-Man’s head and armour are removable, just like all the other figures. The armour is really well sculpted with great detail and gives off a sea/coral kind of vibe.

The weapons he comes with are perfect. The sword is a throwback to his vintage weapon, with just a little more detail and extra paint applications. He also comes with an accessory that didn’t come with the original: a trident! I think it’s a cool nod to Poseidon and ruling the sea. It’s the perfect size and makes me wish he didn’t have the open left hand that mimics the original artwork because I would have loved to have some dual hand posing with this weapon.


Mer-Man is another one of the MOTUC figures that appeared in the DC vs. MOTUC 2-packs that were Toys R Us exclusives. My buddy who runs Mad Rush Media (click my sponsor link and check his stuff out), was kind enough to snag me two of these (and the Stratos two packs) to make shipping a lot easier for me to handle. Why did I need two? Well, this 2-pack features Mer-Man in a blue colour, which is how he appeared in some early comics.

I also have Mer-Man posed in more of a golden/rusted coloured outfit with a sword with the same colour scheme. One of the weapons packs released had this armour included and I thought I’d spice things up with posing Mer-Man with one of the different heads and a different armour. I don’t think it pops as much as the armour he comes with, but Mer-Man seems to like wearing it. Too bad the loin cloth doesn’t match!


“Freeze, kitchen!” – I had to put in a MST3K “Mitchell” line.

There’s my look back on Mer-Man. He sold out in about an hour when he was first released. From what I remember, there was a small allocation available at the beginning of the month and then the rest arrived at their warehouse a few weeks later. Both times, Mer-Man was gone within the hour.


Not Larry, Curly, or Moe.