Record Store Day 2016 Grabs!

My buddy and I went out today for Record Store Day. I didn’t go during the Black Friday edition last fall as nothing piqued my interested, so I hadn’t been out for a RSD for a year. This year, there were a couple records that this metal head had to try and find because I didn’t want to resort to Ebay.

If you don’t know anything about Record Store Day, it’s a day (or two now) where exclusive vinyl/records are sold in independent stores to celebrate music, promote local artists, reissue albums, or create something new that is limited for collectors.

I’m well aware of the pros and cons for Record Store Day. Something that started to bring more traffic back into “indie” stores has turned into a major money grab for the major labels. Not only that but supposedly, because of the Record Store Day pressings and the amount of releases that are thrown at the consumers, many band’s releases are pushed back a much as six months. That’s definitely not cool.

I must also note that “Record Store Day Canada” is the exact same thing as everywhere else, but our dedicated website promotes Canadian performances and tries to give the consumer more of a heads-up of what would be in Canadian stores before heading out.

Anyways, here are my finds for the first of the two annual Record Store Day events.

Deftones – B-Sides & Rarities

I’ve scored all the Deftones albums on vinyl because they are one of those bands that slowly climbed their way up the ladder into one of my favourite bands. I have this release on CD (2CD/DVD book set), so when they announced it was being pressed for the first time on vinyl, it was one of my must haves.

It’s pressed on two 140g gold vinyl and has a run of 3500. The second side of the second album is etched with the band’s logo. I think it’s pretty cool that it comes with the DVD that came with the CD set from years back that features music videos and live and behind the scenes footage.

Clutch – Mad Sidewinder/Outland Special Clearance

Speaking of favourite bands, Clutch (who I just saw live near the end of last year for the 2nd time), has two Record Store Day releases: this one and The Elephant Riders. I don’t have my copy of The Elephant Riders yet, as my sponsor, Mad Rush Media, snagged one for me and will probably be shipping it out this week.


This two-song release features songs that didn’t make the cut from the band’s excellent last album, Psychic Warfare. Seeing how that album was amazing and made my top ten of the year, I needed to grab this release to crank the unreleased goodness on my stereo. I’ve already listened to the tunes and I have no idea why they kept them off the album. They’re pretty good and up to the usual Clutch standard of awesomeness!



The B-side of this vinyl has an etching of some woman from maybe the 50s or 60s in a surprised/shock state. Not sure what the relevance is, but etchings are cool nonetheless.”Limited” to 5000 copies on regular 140g vinyl.



Iron Maiden – Empire of the Clouds

I was on the fence about this release. On the pro side, if I bought it I would have another excellent Iron Maiden art piece to add to the picture disc collection. On the con side, I really didn’t want to buy this just for one song, “Empire of the Clouds,” from their last album on vinyl when I still haven’t picked up the whole album on vinyl yet. As well, I’m sure the interview on the B-side will be released in some capacity online  for people to listen to (stream or illegally).

So what made me buy it? Just LOOK at the artwork! It’s simply stunning. As well, I’m so happy that they put it in a gate-fold sleeve, with the front really accenting the picture disc. Seeing that they made the effort to make this really special, and not just some picture disc in a plastic sleeve (sorry, Clutch), I didn’t think twice about snagging it. 5500 copies on 180g vinyl, but that number really doesn’t make this seem very “limited.”

Gwar – Scumdogs of the Universe

This album was the main reason I went out for Record Store Day shopping. I’m not even going to start listing all the reasons why GWAR is great, especially their first four albums before their mid-career lull in good songs and creativity. I’ve been waiting for this album to be reissued ever since I bought my record player four years ago.

I saw Gwar’s video for the song, “Sick of You,” from this album on the Power Hour (or Power 30). That show was on MuchMusic and is the Canadian version of MTV (well, was when both channels were actually dedicated to airing music videos). I had no idea how to react to the music video. It was sickening. It was a little gruesome. It rocked and it shocked. I had really never seen a band do such things. This was in the pre-Internet days so I had really never seen too much of the shock rocker artists’ shows up to that point besides what they captured for music videos.

I became a fan but could never find the album. When Beavis and Butthead became popular, they showcased GWAR more, so Metal Blade had more demand to get the band’s albums to stores. Finally I was able to find their releases and I picked up their first three on CDs as soon as I could. I picked up America Must Be Destroyed on vinyl during last year’s Record Store Day, and I’m so stoked I have a companion for it!

Just like last year’s release, this album also has a pop-out cartoon of the band with their logo, that was featured in the CD. For this pressing, the album is allowed to breathe over two LPs instead of one as well.  This was the most expensive piece I picked up today, but I regret nothing! It’s motherfuckin’ GWAR! If you haven’t heard this album, shame on you! Side A is worth the price of the whole album alone. And don’t forget about ol’ Sexy, either! This was pressed on regular weight vinyl with 3000 copies and I think this release was too expensive with something pressed with these numbers. Unfortunately, the fan in me beat the rational part of my brain and I parted with my money.


I found almost everything I wanted, minus Death’s Vivus and The Monkees 10 vinyl box set (hopefully I’ll track those down), so I came away happy. Some of the prices for these things is absolutely shocking. It really takes advantage of those wanting to support these stores and the bands, but then again, they know collectors will pay anything for a band they love – and I came home with loot.