Cannibal Corpse Picture Disc (Vinyl) Collection


One of my favourite bands of all time is Cannibal Corpse. They are one of the best death metal bands ever and continue making quality gore-soaked music to this day. The band started out in 1988 in Buffalo, NY and released their first album on Metal Blade Records in 1990.One of the cool things about Cannibal Corpse, besides the relentless music and the horror-movie style lyrics is the art. Just like my Iron Piece before this, the artwork that the band has used on their album covers, T-shirts, and promotional material are synonymous with the band’s image and style. With Cannibal Corpse, you know what you’re getting, and through 13 albums, 2 EPs, numerous video releases, they have constantly ripped the heads off the metal community for over 25 years.


Cannibal Corpse circa 1990

One of the band’s secret weapons is Vincent Locke, who has done every piece of art on all their albums, EPs, and video releases. The art for Cannibal Corpse touches on everything metal encompasses: violence, brutality, sometimes being tongue-in-cheek, social commentary, being taboo, and pushing boundaries – not only to shock, but to make people think. Cannibal Corpse isn’t a thinking man’s band. Their art, music and lyrics are there to entertain like a good horror movie, and that’s it. PC people and other naysayers can cram it.


Cannibal Corpse 2016 – Source:

This is my look at the Cannibal Corpse picture disc vinyl collection that was released as a part of the band’s 25th anniversary year. These were made in limited numbers, but had to be purchased or hunted down individually.The front features the album cover, while the back has art that was either on the back or the inside of the original album or CD with the track listing.

Supposedly the colours of the UK and the North American version differ a bit. Mine are all the North American releases. I’ll be running these down in chronological order, just like the Iron Maiden picture discs, but won’t be doing reviews on any of the albums. Down the road, I may do an article on my top 5 release from the band. Here comes the gore!!!

Eaten Back to Life   (1990)

Butchered at Birth   (1991)

Eaten Back to Life   (1992)

The Bleeding   (1994)

Vile   (1996)

Gallery of Suicide   (1998)

Bloodthirst   (1999)

Gore Obsessed   (2002)

The Wretched Spawn   (2004)

Kill   (2006)

Evisceration Plague   (2009)

Torture   (2012)

A Skeletal Domain   (2014)

*Sorry for the quality on this one. The colours are really dark and hard to capture. I’ll try and get on a better one to replace it soon.

Torturing and Eviscerating Live   (2013)

*This picture disc was exclusively released in the Dead Human Collection box set. There were two different versions but both came with this album.

On a note to end this, I haven’t tried playing any of these as my experience with picture discs in the past has shown me that the surface noise is too loud on them (like the Iron Maiden picture discs I attempted to play) to enjoy them to their fullest. I knew that going into collecting these, so I wasn’t buying them to play them. I was collecting them because I love the band and the art. Now can someone help me score the Worm Infested EP on a picture disc, or regular vinyl, please? Thanks for reading!