Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Skeletor


He-Man’s main rival came a month after the Masters of the Universe Classics line started (January, 2009). Beast-Man came before him (the same month as He-Man), so Skeletor was highly anticipated from the Masters of the Universe fan community. Although Skeletor never beat He-Man in the cartoons or the comic, and was presented as a bumbling fool, he was, and still is, my favourite bad guy ever. I mean, it’s a guy with a skull for a head, for goodness sake!

Skeletor comes in the same MOTUC packaging as the guys before him (and after). On the back, it’s cool to see Skeletor’s biography reference the lore involving his past self: Keldor, King Randor’s brother. I think the attempt to blend all the lore of Masters of the Universe was one of the great things about the line. Like I said before, some fans hated the bios and ignored them, while others enjoyed the story unfolding.

Skeletor features the same buck and articulation as He-Man and the majority of the figures in the line. I found the colour of the body to be perfect for him, and the skull sculpt was really well done. The armour is removable and the head is swap-able, so you can mix and match the heads of your MOTUC figures.

His weapons are what are to be expected from him: his skull staff, a full purple power sword, and half a power sword so you can blend it with He-Man’s like you had to do as a kid to pretend that’s what you have to use to open Castle Grayskull.


The pictures below feature the “Alcala” Skeletor head, based off the work of Alfredo Alcala, the illustrator for many of the early Masters comic books that came with the vintage figures. It is NOT a head this 2009 version comes with, but I thought I’d take some pictures of it seeing how this feature is all about Skeletor and the head was made to really go with this early release.

Many fans were clamoring for it, so the sculptors, the Four Horsemen, created one that perfectly captures the essence of that style. It came way later in the line with Demo Man. I think there are many collectors out there that use this as their main head for their Skeletor. Me? I bought a second Skeletor on the aftermarket so I could pose both.S

Skeletor was also released later on down the line as part of the Toys R’ Us exclusive DC vs. MOTUC 2-packs. The Skeletor released in this set had a different blue tone and different colours on his weapons. Skeletor’s skull is painted more of a bright yellow. I only was able to purchase one of these, so I don’t have a loose figure to photograph.

I was very pleased when this Skeletor arrived in the mail over eight years ago and I am still pleased with how he turned out today. I’m looking forward to the new Skeletor coming from the Filmation (Club Grayskull) line that pays homage to classic Filmation cartoon. In the meantime, I have this version, and all the variants of him from years of Masters of the Universe Classics surrounding me in my man-cave.