Quick Look: Autopsy’s “After the Cutting” Retrospective

I love heavy metal and most of its sub-genres. One of the most respected and earlier Death Metal bands on the scene were Autopsy, from Oakland, California in the USA. Earlier in the year, they released a compilation retrospective called, After the Cutting.


This limited (I don’t know to how many) compilation takes cuts from all of the bands studio albums, unreleased demos, and 2 live concerts. You get a real sense of how the band grew while still maintaining that filthy, rotten, unwashed sound that this band was known for! I needed to do a quick look at this to share what a great job the band, the label and the writer did putting this all together.

I’ll be blunt and say the overall packaging is amazing. It presented in a large book format, housing 4 CDs of material. The first CD has their new “Skull Crusher EP” and then features demos that have never been released before. Discs 2 & 3 feature cuts from the band’s studio albums and EPs in chronological order (which I like – just to hear the band progress). The fourth CD features two concerts from 2012 and 2013 and a rehearsal from 1992.IMG_2018

This set is also amazing because the booklet features 92 pages of Autopsy goodness featuring writer/artist Dennis Dread’s career retrospective/biography of the band, along with new interviews, new artwork, and photos that have never before been released to the fans!


This excellent set is great for new fans of the band and those who have everything (or almost everything) from them, like me. It set me back about $60, and I got mine from Amazon.ca. Peaceville, the band’s label, has sold out of it on their website, so you’ll have to go looking for it. It is worth every dime, and more! Get yours if you haven’t already!


Below you’ll find the tracks for this set, so you don’t have to squint at the picture (or have to go to another site!)

Disc 1 – Skull Grinder EP

1. Strung Up and Gutted
2. Skull Grinder
3. Children of the Filth
4. Sanity Bleeds
5. The Withering Death
6 .Waiting for the Screams
7. Return to Dead

Critical Madness – 1988 demo:
8. Charred Remains
9. Ridden With Disease
10. Critical Madness

1987 demo:

11. Human Genocide
12. Embalmed
13. Stillborn
14. Mauled to Death

1987 rehearsal track:

15. Christ Denied

1991 Rehearsal:

16. Fiend for Blood
17. Keeper of Decay
18. Squeal Like a Pig
19. Ravenous Freaks
20. Dead Hole

As the Grave Violators:

21. Black Incantations

Disc 2 – Chapter One of the Band (album tracks):

1. Severed Survival
2. Gasping for Air
3. Ridden with Disease
4. Embalmed
5. Charred Remains
6. Retribution for the Dead
7. In the Grip of Winter (ep version)
8. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
9. Slaughterday
10. Dead
11. Destined to Fester
12. Dark Crusade/Mental Funeral
13. Keeper of Decay
14. Dead Hole
15. Funereality (vol. 4 version)
16. Blackness Within
17. Death Twitch
18. Skullptures
19. Pus/Rot
20. Voices
21. Deathmask
22. The Birthing
23. An End to the Misery
24. Burnt to a Fuck
25. Bowel Ripper

Disc 3 – Chapter Two of the Band (album tracks):

1. Feast of the Graveworm
2. Seven Skulls
3. Macabre Eternal
4. Seeds of the Doomed
5. Bridge of Bones
6. Sadistic Gratification
7. All Tomorrow’s Funerals
8. Slaughter at Beast House
9. She is a Funeral
10. Arch Cadaver
11. Flesh Turns to Dust
12. Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
13. Parasitic Eye
14. Burial
15. Autopsy

Disc 4 – Live:

Live at the Oakland Metro, 7/27/12:

1. Intro/Charred Remains/Severed Survival
2. Dead
3. Pagan Savior
4. Seeds of the Doomed
5. Slaughterday
6. Voices

Live at the Oakland Metro, 5/26/13:

7. Arch Cadaver
8. Critical Madness
9. Gasping for Air
10. Mangled Far Below
11. Ridden With Disease
12. Severed Survival
13. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay

1992 Rehearsal:

14. Meat
15. Your Rotting Face
16. An Act of the Unspeakable
17. Spinal Extractions
18. Battery Acid Enema
19. Lobotomized
20.Walls of the Coffin