Obi-Wan Kenobi 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys

In my review of Sideshow Toys’ Gamorrean Guard, I never thought I’d collect this scale of figures. I was a die-hard fan of the old 3 1/4″ scale and the prices for these Collector’s figures were just mind boggling to me. Over $100 for a toy?!? No thanks! Boy, how time has changed

I suppose because of my job, I can afford to spoil myself with them, but the quality of these things just keeps getting better. I continue my collection of my Star Wars 12″ line with Obi-Wan Kenobi from Hot Toys.

This figure was released in January, 2016. I had him, Luke and C-3P0 all on pre-order on a payment plan and they were spaced out pretty perfectly. Then C-3P0 got pushed back and both Obi-Wan and Luke got pushed forward, so my wallet got hit badly. After opening them and taking photos, I regret nothing!

Hot Toys’ packaging continue on in the same style for those who keep these Mint In the Box (why would you for these?!?!?), or for those who keep the boxes. I keep them, as if I move again, I’d want them to protect them, but the market value for these figures stays the same or goes up for most of the figures I’ve seen as long as you’ve kept everything, so if I ever decided to sell, I keep the boxes.

There’s no question this is a killer sculpt of Alex Guiness, who portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi in original Star Wars trilogy. This figure is based off of the costume and appearance of Obi-Wan in Star Wars: A New Hope. I’ve read some reviews (and watched some) that really nit-pick the most minute details, but for me and the money I paid (especially with our wretched Canadian vs. US dollar), I’m really happy with how he turned out AND the facial sculpt likeness.

In person, the eyes are really piercing, something my amateur photography doesn’t seem to capture. The outfit out of the box needs some working in, as you can see. The outer Jedi robe is perfectly tattered where needed, but the back of it is really wrinkly and while his hood is too pointed. As I posed him more, most of these issues should smooth out, from what I’ve seen from other people’s figures.

The articulation of this figure is like most of the others with the regular Hot Toys buck: head, shoulders, elbows, writs, legs, knees and feet. You’ll be able to get many dynamic poses from him.

I love the fine details in these Hot Toys figures. The materials used in the outfit/clothing, the belt and the boots (just look those straps!) make the money you spend on them well worth it and it totally adds to the realism. It looks and feels like leather.

Along with a removable outer Jedi robe, Obi-Wan comes with many accessories. He comes with six interchangeable hands (two on the figure, four that you can attach – I don’t know why I missed one in the above picture), extra pegs for the hands, an unlit lightsaber, a lit lightsaber, and an arm that can be attached just above the elbow that allows you to swap the lightsaber blade into it and have it glow with the flick of a switch. Oh yeah: batteries ARE included!

The above pictures show a closer look at the lightsaber and the extra arm.  The lightsaber is lit by flicking the small switch just under the wrist. Obi-Wan’s robe covers it and the battery compartment well. Below pictures show where swap the forearm. The picture on in the middle shows how bright the light coming from the lightsaber is without the blade in it. The last picture on the bottom shows how damn bright it glows in the dark. C’mon, most of you are going to try it for yourselves, if you haven’t yet.

With the forearm swapped out, get ready to place Obi-Wan in some kick ass poses with his lit lightsaber.

Overall, I’ve very happy with my purchase. I didn’t find any issues with him except having to be very careful removing all the protective plastic that he’s wrapped in. I’ll be having years of fun posing him in battle with Vader (I’ll post a review of him one day), or hanging with the original trilogy stars. It looks like the initial offerings of this guy are sold out on Sideshow Toys’ website, but more are being made and a preorder is available for later on this year. This IS the Obi-Wan you’re looking for.