Battletoads Soundtrack on Vinyl

This is NOT a piece about my love for this game. That will come later. But, I suppose if you see I bought this, you’d know I love this game. NES music is something I adore. My buddies and I play crib (laugh all you want) in the summer time outside and stream NES music from YouTube. With this release, I can crank the Battlet0ads music all  without the crappy streaming and digital compression!

I’ve spun this once on my system and there are absolutely no flaws. The sound is crisp and I think the length/cut offs of each track are done so well.  OK…I’ll admit the “pause music” track could have been a minute shorter, but I’m not going to complain too much with something so awesome.


I had no idea something like this would exist, but for some reason, I clicked a link during one of my Facebook sessions that lead me to a site listing their top vinyl picks for 2015. I clicked it to laugh at either the hipster picks or the standard “Rolling Stone” kind of list (giving props to absolute garbage), but it led me to finding out about this release and Iam8bit that does these gaming tunes on vinyl!

I’m hoping they do a lot more. I’m a fan of NES music. Ducktales, Ninja Gaiden, Batman, and more. Bring ’em on because I’ll buy it all!