Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Beast Man

I wrote about my love for Masters of the Universe and the first Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man figure in my first blog. Too follow it up, I SHOULD be writing about He-Man’s main rival, Skeletor, right? WRONG! I’m going to have my mini reviews/blogs follow how theses figures were released from (except when I get the newest figures in).  Let’s take a look at the Beast Man figure that was released way back in December of 2008!


Embrace the love from Beast Man!

As I touched upon in the He-Man article, these new figures were supposed to come out as a three (or maybe four) two-packs. I can’t remember why Mattel decided to ship Beast Man before Skeletor (perhaps production delays), but Skeletor’s right hand man, er, beast, came with a look that blended the classic figure some modern updates.

I found it really interesting that the bios written for these figures blended the old cartoon with the new cartoon, the Masters “bible,” other media, AND new ideas. The names of the characters (and the bios) could have the fan base irate because perception of what should be and shouldn’t be wasn’t included. I’ve enjoyed most of the names and the bios, and I will point out what I didn’t like when the time comes, but for the most part, I found them to be a good read. Plus, if you don’t like what was written, you don’t have to abide by it.

One thing you notice (and WILL notice if you’re new to this) with the MOTUC line is the reuse of the figure buck (body) and many reused parts. The vintage line did this, so it’s no surprise that the Four Horsemen and Mattel did it here. Beast Man has more of a hair body, with hair featured on his legs, arms and chest, if you take off the removable armor.



Little details in the MOTUC figures, such as the spikes on Beast Man’s hand above, really made you appreciate early on how seriously they were taking the approach to these figures.


Whip it! Whip it good!

Beast Man comes with his classic whip, that’s shaped more like how his vintage card-back illustration portrayed. Although that is his only accessory, his spiked shoulder pads are removable, as is his armor.

I really dug Beast Man when he was released and he’s still one of my favourite figures/characters in all of the Masters universe. While he was a bumbling idiot in the cartoon, you still couldn’t help but dig him.