Sideshow Toys’ Gamorrean Guard Review

I’ve had Star Wars toys in my life ever since I can remember. With getting moved around a lot when I was a kid, at least one constant in my life was creating adventures with my Star Wars or Masters of the Universe figures.  Up until The Force Awakens, I hadn’t purchased many 3 3/4″ Star Wars figures – my collecting of Star Wars figures moved on to the Star Wars: Black Series 6″ line and randomly buying Sideshow and Hot Toys 1/6 scale (12″ standard buck). These guys are pricey and they can be even more pricey after they sell out. Thank goodness the majority of these retain their value, because my wife may kill me if I keep buying them.

I know on my Facebook page, I preview three heroes to be looked at first, but after my Return of the Jedi trading cards article, I decided this would be my first toy review.

When I started buying some Sideshow and Hot Toys figures, I said I would stay with the main characters and bounty hunters. Then I wanted to make sure I could grab anything that had to do with Jabba the Hutt and his cronies. During my trip to our local toy/comic store, they had this guy sitting up top. The Gamorrean Guards are Jabba’s security, so I just had to get him.  I paid $100 for him (20% off Boxing week sale) and looking for him online, I saw he was going for $200-300 in US dollars! I’m surprised I found him, still MIB (Mint in Box) because he was originally up for pre-order in 2010 and shipped out in early 2011!

The figure is from Sideshow Toys’ Scum and Villainy line. The box for many of these figures is of a similar nature and the figures are secured really well inside.

First seen in Return of the Jedi, lurking in Jabba’s palace, the Gamorrean Guards were first to meet all the heroes showing up to rescue Han Solo.  Our nameless Gamorrean Guard has a face his mother would only love. I really like that the face has this slimy kind of look that makes this piece look alive. The designers really nailed the sculpt and I think he looks like he came right out of Return of the Jedi. His helmet can also come off, but I’m not sure what collector would display him like that.

The body is articulated at the arms, the writs, the head, elbows, shoulders, legs and ankles.  There is some good weight to this guy, so I don’t know if it’s because he’s top heavy or if it’s just loose ankle joints, but my guy sometimes has trouble standing.

The outfit features fake leather for his top and belt, and fake fur for his waist to cover his, uh, pork and beans! I found the quality of the outfit overall to be pretty well done.



The Gamorrean Guard comes with a Vibro-Axe, an extra set of hands and a Polearm staff/weapon. The accessories are painted well and I really dig the worn look of the axe. All weapons can be held with no issues and make for some great poses!

I have to say that I’m happy with the figure. Besides my figure’s ankles being a bit loose, making him harder to stand, I think he came with the right amount of accessories and the outfit really blew me away.  It was also neat grabbing this guy as it’s really interesting to see how well Sideshow Toys was making Star Wars characters 5 years ago and how they are still improving every year.


Pose 4