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Hey, everyone! I’d like to thank everyone for stopping by to check out my site!! My name is Peter and I’ve been inspired by a few websites that I frequent on a regular basis and friends to start this site. I was born in the late 70s and was a child of the 80s.  I’ve created this site to share the stuff I collect.

I’m happily married, have beautiful little girl, two dogs, and I have a great career outside of doing this site that I love. I’m also based out of London, Ontario, Canada.

The best way to describe this site is it’s a hobby about my collecting hobby and passions. I am not affiliated with any company and pay for all the stuff you see on this site (and all the hosting) with my own money unless noted, so I try and be fair and honest with what I review.  Sorry to say, the way I collect and how I display what I buy in my house, with the room I have (or should I say lack of room), may not be how others collect.  I keep many figures in boxes because it works for me.  That doesn’t mean I can’t share my thoughts or show people new fantastic things.

I’ll try and update as much as possible, but my personal life and job have to come first. With me running the site by myself, I only have so much time during a day/week to write, take photos, do videos, edit, etc. I have a YouTube channel I hope you all check out and sub to!

This site features many things because my interests are all over the place. Just to list:

• I’m an avid collector of action figures, toys, and collectibles.
• Cartoons….you gotta love cartoons! Especially from the 80s!
• I’m a pop culture geek and enjoy craft beers when I choose to indulge.
• I have a huge CD/vinyl collection.  I love heavy metal and most of the genres within, but I also listen to other stuff. Most new stuff is featured over on my Instagram account.
• I’ve been a wrestling fan since the early 80s and I can’t stop watching no matter how horrible it gets.  I share my PPV predictions.  I used to do Raw and Smackdown reviews each week but it because too much as my daughter is growing up and my job.  I just don’t have the time.
• Would you be surprised that I’m an avid gamer, too? From my Commodore 64 days up until now, I’ve played mostly everything. Console of choice for the last few years have been the Xbox systems. Add me! I’m EATMEAHX8 with a gamer score so far of almost 110 000!!!!
• I take pictures of random stuff because I’m easily amused.

So with all that information, you can kind of see the direction of the site. I’ll write about things I love that I have purchased, go on rants about wrestling, or share some stuff that I find funny and/or amusing.  Some articles and videos may contain some “adult” language and some of the music features may also contain some images people may not like, so you’ve been warned.

I’d like to give some thanks to Dan Poluschuck for helping me get off my ass and building up the site for me to get everything started. I’d also like to thank my bud, Mr. B, for helping me out with logos.

I’d also like to give props to a few web sites that inspired me to start my side: Dinosaur Dracula,  TheFwoosh.com, and Michael Crawford over at Michael’s Review of the Week . I don’t know any of these people personally, but I frequent these sites daily.

I hope everyone enjoys the stuff I review or write about, contributes in the discussion. Follow me on Twitter, YouTube , Instagram, Facebook  and Google + to spread the love like butter!

For all inquiries including press, sending or suggesting products or demos for reviews, interviews, questions, concerns, olive loaf, sharing lottery winnings, or finding out the meaning of life, please contact me at electrifiedporcupine@gmail.com

Thanks for checking my site out.  Much love and appreciation for those who like, share, bookmark, comment, subscribe, bathe, debate, eat, drink and are merry.

About Dustin (Added April 23, 2016)

Hi there! My name is Dustin and I’m a contributor to Electrified Porcupine. I plan on writing reviews about Masterpiece Transformers. (Peter’s EDIT – he’s done ONE – c’mon, Dustin!!!) (EDIT #2 – Feb 2, 2019 – Still only ONE, Dustin!!!)

I enjoy gaming as well. I’m a Sony PlayStation Fan and have had every one of their consoles. I am currently enjoying the amazing games being released as of late. My PlayStation ID is ifragdya if you’d like to add me and play some games. Lets do it!

I have collected various different things in my life. I have a Transformers wall, a hockey wall with various pictures of my favorite hockey players, and even a seat from the Montreal Forum. I could also mention the various other things that have caught my eye over the years.

I look forward to sharing my reviews with all of the fantastic people who visit us here at Electrified Porcupine!

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